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All abstracts by Scott A. Wood in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2008) Behavior of Rock-Forming Minerals Under Simulated and Actual Lung Conditions
Taunton A, Gunter M & Wood S

(2006) Elemental Associations in the Coeur Rochester Ag-Au Mine, Nevada
Wood S & Samson I

(2006) Cobalt solubility at elevated temperatures in Co-CoO buffered solutions at fixed pH
Kissin S, Normand C & Wood S

(2005) Dissolution of Tremolite: An Experimental Study Simulating Conditions in the Human Lung
Nelson B, Wood S & Gunter ME

(2005) Adsorption of Neodymium onto Goethite in the Presence of Fulvic Acid at 25℃
Armstrong C & Wood S

(2005) Investigation of pH and mCO<->2<$> Influence on Gd3+ and UO<->2<$>2+ Sorption onto Goethite and Nontronite
Redkin A & Wood S

(2005) The Effect of Organic Ligands on the Solubility of CeO<->2<$> in NaNO<->3<$> Medium
Cao H & Wood S

(2005) Experimental Measurements of the Solubility of ThO<->2<$> in NaNO<->3<$> Solutions: Hydrolysis of Th(IV) and Complexation by Organic Ligands
Wood S & Cetiner Z

(2005) A Modified Hydrogen Electrode Concentration Cell (HECC): Study of Scheelite Solubility
Baker L & Wood S

(2005) Investigation of the Alunite-Natroalunite Solid Solution and Na-K Exchange between Solid and Solution at 250ºC
Kissin S, Cetiner Z, Stoffregen R & Wood S

(2005) Effect of the Trihydroxamate Siderophores desferrioxamine-B and Ferrichrome on the Mobility of Pd, Pt, Rh and Ir
Normand C & Wood S

(2005) The Effect of Organic Ligands on the Mobility of the PGE in Soils and Natural Waters: Implications for Exploration and the Environment
Wood S

(2005) The Geochemistry of the Geothermal System in the Alvord Basin, Oregon
Koski A & Wood S

(2004) Effect of the Siderophore Derferrioxamine-B on the Mobility of Pd
Normand C, Wood S & Roach L

(2003) REE in Continental Geothermal Systems of New Zealand
Wood S, Brown K & Arehart G

(2003) Complexation of REE and W in Magmatic Fluid Coexisiting with Granitic Magma Based on Thermodynamic Calculation
Ogata T, Ishiyama D, Wood S & Mizuta T

(2002) The New Wave in Geochemistry Publishing – Electronic Journals
Day S & Wood S

(2002) The Thermodynamics of Asbestos Mineral Dissolution and Conversion in the Human Lung
Taunton A, Wood S & Gunter M

(2002) The Hydrothermal Geochemistry of Tungsten in Granitoid Environments: Solubilities of Ferberite and Scheelite as a Function of T, P, pH and Salinity
Wood SA & Samson IM

(2001) Applications of Photoacoustic Spectroscopy to Aqueous Geochemistry
Wood SA, Tait CD & Janecky DR

(2001) Experimental Studies of the Speciation and Solubility of Os and Re in Hydrothermal Solutions
Wood SA & Xiong Y

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