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All abstracts by Frank Wombacher in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Cadmium Isotopes in Apollo Lunar Samples: Implication for Sources of Volatile Elements and Lunar Surface Dynamics
Abouchami W, Wombacher F & Galer SJG

(2023) Elemental Compositions of ~3 mg Ryugu Samples and CI Chondrites Compared
Wombacher F

(2023) Molybdenum Isotope Variations in Terrestrial Samples: Analytical Challenges and Constraints on Late Accretion
Tusch J, Fischer-Gödde M, Wombacher F, Szilas K & Münker C

(2023) Tin Isotope Variations in Chondrites and Earth: Mass-Independent Isotope Fractionation and the 115In-115Sn Decay System
Bragagni A, Wombacher F, Kirchenbaur M, Braukmüller N & Münker C

(2023) Carbonatites and Phonolites Linked by Mantle Derived Calcium in the Kaiserstuhl, Germany
Jentzsch C, Pakulla J, Spürgin S, Gäb FM, Lagos M, Wombacher F, Heuser A, Münker C & Ballhaus C

(2021) Correlated Te, Zn, and Cd Isotopes in Chondritic Meteorites
Rydeblad EM, Rehkämper M, Pickard H & Wombacher F

(2020) Cadmium Stable Isotopes in Lunar Regolith Samples
Abouchami W, Wombacher F, Braukmüller N & Galer SJG

(2020) Analyses of Extraterrestrial Samples Using Quadrupole ICP-MS
Wombacher F, Braukmüller N, Kaufmann L, Abouchami W, Münker C & Bischoff A

(2020) Volatile Elements in Chondrites
Braukmüller N, Funk C, Münker C & Wombacher F

(2019) Preferential Light Cd Isotope Condensation in 1 Bar Experiments
Zippmann V, Wombacher F, Ertel-Ingrisch W, Dingwell D-B & Wennrich V

(2019) A Cosmochemical Perspective on Earth's Volatile Element Budget
Braukmüller N, Wombacher F, Funk C & Münker C

(2019) Stable Cadmium Isotopes in Carbonaceous Chondrites Revisited
Abouchami W, Wombacher F, Braukmueller N & Galer S

(2017) Mercury (Hg) in Meteorites from Antarctic and Museum Collections
Wombacher F & Escoube R

(2017) The Bulk Chemical Composition of Carbonaceous Chondrites Determined by SF-ICP-MS
Braukmüller N, Wombacher F & Münker C

(2015) The Hf and W Isotope Inventory of Sequentially Leached Chondrites
Elfers B-M, Peters S, Sprung P, Wombacher F & Münker C

(2015) Reconstructing Past Ocean Circulation with 231Pa/230Th and Nd Isotopes
Lippold J, Gutjahr M, Blaser P, Antz B, Böhm E, Carvalho Ferreira ML, Wombacher F, Christl M, Mulitza S & Jaccard S

(2015) Fractionation of Cd Isotopes during Evaporation and Condensation at Atmospheric Pressure
Kremser V, Wombacher F, Ertel-Ingrisch W, Dingwell DB & Münker C

(2015) Precise and Accurate Determination of In and Sn Abundances in Geological Materials by Isotope Dilution MC-ICP-MS
Kirchenbaur M, Wombacher F & Heuser A

(2015) Distribution of S, Se and Te in Chondrites Determined by LA-ICP-MS Using a Nanoparticle Standard
Funk C, Wombacher F, Günther D, Tabersky D, Koch J, Meisel T, Kronz A & Heuser A

(2015) Sulfur, Se, and Te Abundances in Chondrites and their Components
Funk C, Wombacher F, Becker H, Bischoff A, Günther D & Münker C

(2013) Element Quantification in Chondritic Components by LA-ICP-MS
Funk C, Wombacher F, Glaus R, Tabersky D, Koch J & Günther D

(2013) Mass-(in)dependent Cd Isotope Fractionation during Evaporation
Wombacher F & Rehkämper M

(2013) Quality Control for Novel Isotope Analyses
Rehkämper M, Wombacher F, Nielsen S, Schönbächler M, Fehr M, Goldberg T, Larner F, Laycock A, Paul M & van de Flierdt T

(2013) Fractionation of Cd Isotopes during Evaporation and Re-condensation
Kremser V, Wombacher F, Ertel-Ingrisch W, Dingwell DB & Münker C

(2013) Isotope Anomalies of Hf and W in Chondrite Leachates and Residues Isotope Anomalies of Hf and W in Chondrite Leachates and Residues
Elfers B-M, Peters STM, Wombacher F & Muenker C

(2012) Glacial Atlantic Circulation – Insights from Combined Sedimentary eNd and 231Pa/230Th Records
Lippold J, Gutjahr M, Wombacher F, Christner E & Christl M

(2012) Isotope Dilution Analysis of Se and Te in Chondritic Meteorites
Funk C, Wombacher F, Becker H & Bischoff A

(2012) Experimental Investigation of Mass-(in)dependent Cadmium Isotope Fractionation during Evaporation
Wombacher F, Kremser V, Ertel-Ingrisch W, Dingwell DB, Munker C & Heuser A

(2012) Mineralogical Control of Se and Te Signatures in Peridotites: Implications for the Primitive Mantle
Konig S, Lorand J-P, Wombacher F, Luguet A & Pearson DG

(2011) Mass-Independent Cd Isotope Fractionation during Evaporation
Wombacher F

(2010) In Search of a Common Reference Material for Cadmium Isotope Studies
Abouchami W, Rehkämper M, Galer SJG, Horner TJ, Xue Z, Henderson GM, Wombacher F, Schonbachler M, Gault-Ringold M & Stirling C

(2009) Highly Siderophile Element Abundances and 187Os/188Os in Lunar Impact Melt Breccias
Fischer-Gödde M, Becker H & Wombacher F

(2009) Constraints from Mantle Pyroxenites on Highly Siderophile Element Fractionation during Melt Transport in the Mantle
Becker H, van Acken D, Fischer-Gödde M & Wombacher F

(2009) Trace Element Abundances in Sulfide and Phosphide Bearing Inclusions in Iron Meteorites
Meyer C, Wombacher F, Becker H & Wiechert U

(2009) Selenium and Tellurium Abundances in Mafic and Ultramafic Rock Reference Samples by ID-ICP-MS
Wombacher F, Ziegler A & Becker H

(2008) Barium, but no Sr Isotope Anomalies in Carbonaceous Chondrites
Wombacher F, Hammerschmidt K, Becker H & Pack A

(2008) Rhodium, Gold and Other Highly Siderophile Element Abundances in Terrestrial Peridotites
Fischer-Goedde M, Becker H, Wombacher F & Lorand J-P

(2007) Fractionated HSE in Suboceanic Mantle: Assessing the Influence of Refertilization Processes on Upper Mantle Peridotites
van Acken D, Becker H, Wombacher F, Walker RJ, McDonough WF, Ash RD & Piccoli PM

(2007) Determination of Siderophile and Chalcophile Elements in Peridotites by Sector Field ICP-MS
Meier LC, van Acken D, Fischer-Gödde M, Wombacher F & Becker H

(2007) Rhodium, Gold and Other Highly Siderophile Elements in Chondrites
Fischer-Gödde M, Wombacher F & Becker H

(2007) Barium Isotope Compositions of Chondrites Revisited
Wombacher F & Becker H

(2007) Heavy Isotope Fractionation in the Solar System – A Volatile Perspective
Rehkämper M, Schönbächler M, Wombacher F, Baker R, Nielsen S & Williams H

(2004) Magnesium Stable Isotope Compositions of Reference Solutions
Wombacher F, Eisenhauer A, Bock B & Fietzke J

(2002) Stable Isotope Compositions of Cadmium in Stony Meteorites
Wombacher F, Rehkämper M, Mezger K, Münker C & Bischoff A

(2000) Cadmium Stable Isotope Measurements by MC-ICPMS
Wombacher F, Rehkämper M, Mezger K & Münker C

(2000) 92Nb-92Zr in the Early Solar System
Münker C, Weyer S, Mezger K, Rehkämper M, Wombacher F & Bischoff A

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