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All abstracts by Paul Wincott in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2012) Impact of Radiation on the Microbial Reduction of Iron Oxides
Brown A, Wincott P, Vaughan D, Pimblott S, Goodacre R & Lloyd J

(2008) Influence of Leptospirillum ferrooxidans on the Breakdown of As-Bearing Sulphides in Acid Mine Drainage Systems
Corkhill C, Wincott P, Lloyd J & Vaughan D

(2008) Impact of Microbial Fe3+ & SO42- Reduction on Arsenic Solid-Phase Cycling in Fe- and As-Rich Sediment
Handley K, Bootman C, McBeth J, Charnock J, Wincott P, Vaughan D, Polya D & Lloyd J

(2007) Surface Analytical Studies of Feldspar Surface Reaction with U(VI)
Chardon E, Bosbach D, Livens F, Lyon I, Marquardt C, Romer J, Schild D, Wincott P, Wogelius R & Vaughan D

(2005) An Investigation on the Extreme Silver Enrichment at Tennantite Surfaces in Alkaline Solutions: An XPS-Based Study
Hobson E, Wincott P, Vaughan D & Pattrick R

(2005) The Surfaces of Iron-Bearing Minerals: Key Reactive Substrates in Earth Systems
Vaughan D, Cutting R & Wincott P

(2005) Investigating the Effect of Calcium on Barite (001) and (210) Surfaces Using in situ Atomic Force Microscopy
Finch K, Stark A, Wincott P, Warren M, Collins I & Vaughan D

(2005) Surface Coatings on Quartz Grains in Bentonites and their Relevance to Human Health
Wendlandt R, Harrison W, Vaughan D & Wincott P

(2004) Reduction of Fe(III) by Geobacter sulfurreducens and the Capture of Arsenic by Biogenic Fe(II) Minerals
Islam F, Pederick R, Polya D, Charnock J, Gault A, Wincott P, Rowland H & Lloyd J

(2004) Spectacular Silver Segregation on the Surface of Sulfides
Hobson E, Wincott P, Vaughan D & Pattrick R

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