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All abstracts by Colin J N Wilson in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Elemental and Isotopic Variability in Pristine vs. Terrestrially Contaminated CM Chondrites Revealed Using Stepwise Acid Leaching: A Comparative Study of Aguas Zarcas and NWA 11346
McGovern LST, Charlier BLA & Wilson CJN

(2023) Gabbroic Insights into Mafic Magmatism in the Taupō Volcanic Zone (TVZ), New Zealand
Seelig LK, Wilson CJN, Chambefort I, Rosenberg MD & Charlier BLA

(2022) Rare Plutonic Xenoliths from a Monogenetic Basalt Highlight Magmatic Crustal Roots in the Taupō Volcanic Zone, New Zealand
Seelig LK, Chambefort I, Rosenberg MD & Wilson CJN

(2021) Geochemical Evolution and Radiogenic Sr, Pb and Nd Isotopic Ratios of Discrete Rhyolitic Melt Bodies at Ōkataina Volcanic Centre, New Zealand: Implications for Plutonic Evolution at a Young, Active Caldera Volcano
Elms HC, Charlier BLA & Wilson CJN

(2016) Differentiating Zircon Xenocrysts and Antecrysts in Mesozoic Igneous Rocks: Issues and Implications for Understanding the Evolution of Large Magmatic Systems
Tang DLK, Wilson CJN, Sewell RJ & Seward D

(2015) Nucleosynthetic 84Sr Heterogeneity in the Early Solar System
Charlier B, Parkinson I, Burton K, Grady M & Wilson C

(2014) Differentiation and Storage of the Huckleberry Ridge Tuff Rhyolite
Myers M, Wallace P & Wilson C

(2014) Fine-Scale Temporal Reconstruction and Evolution of the Post-Supereruption Magma System at Taupo Volcano, New Zealand
Barker S, Wilson C & Schipper I

(2013) Os Isotope Constraints on Crustal Contamination in Auckland Volcanic Field Basalts, New Zealand
Hopkins J, Poirier A, Millet M-A, Timm C, Leonard G & Wilson C

(2013) Combined Diffusion Studies in Sanidine, Quartz and Orthopyroxene: Timescales of Magma Mixing in the Bishop Tuff
Chamberlain KJ, Morgan DJ & Wilson CJN

(2013) New Tricks with Old Tracers: Sr Stable Isotope Variations in an Evolved Volcanic System Investigated Using an 84Sr-87Sr Double Spike
Charlier B, Parkinson I & Wilson C

(2012) Degassing a Rhyolite: Are the Old Ar-Ar Ages Real, Inherited or Excess?
Wilkinson C, Kelley S, Sherlock S, Wilson C & Charlier B

(2011) Systematic Tapping of Independent Magma Chambers during the 1 Ma Kidnappers Supereruption
Cooper G, Wilson C & Baker J

(2011) Magmatic Variety Through Tectonic Modulation of the 27 ka Oruanui Eruption, Taupo, New Zealand
Allan A, Wilson C, Millet M-A & Wysoczanski R

(2008) Compositional Variations in Very Small Basaltic Systems Reveal Near Source Processes
Smith IEM, Blake S & Wilson CJN

(2007) Simulating Physical Weathering of Basalt on Earth and Mars
Viles H, Ehlmann B, Cebula T, Wilson C, Mol L & Bourke M

(2007) Diverse Sources for Oruanui Rhyolite (NZ): Evidence from Feldspar and Zircon
Charlier B & Wilson C

(2002) The Origin of Rhyolite Magmas and their 'Phenocrysts'
Blake S, Sutton A, Wilson C & Charlier B

(2002) Differentiation Processes in a High-Silica Rhyolite as Recorded in Plagioclase Crystals from Taupo Volcano, New Zealand
Charlier BLA, Davidson JP, Wilson CJN & Simon JI

(2002) Chemical Versus Physical Origins of Rhyolite in a Magma Factory beneath Taupo Volcano, New Zealand
Wilson CJN, Charlier BLA & Blake S

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