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All abstracts by Ian S. Williams in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Experimental Determination of Oxygen Diffusion Rates in Garnet: A Preliminary Study
Rubatto D, Scicchitano MR, Jollands MC, Hermann J & Williams IS

(2013) Analysing Conodont δ18O by SIMS
Williams I, Trotter J, Rigo M & Barnes C

(2013) Zircon U-Pb Ages and δ18O in a ‘Contaminated’ Lower Crustal Metagabbro (Serre Massif, Calabria)
Cirrincione R, Fiannacca P & Williams IS

(2012) Vegetation Collapse on Flores 69, 000 Years Ago: A Consequence of the Toba Super-Eruption, or a Volcanic Disaster Closer to Home?
Scroxton N, Gagan MK, Williams IS, Hellstrom JC, Cheng H, Ayliffe LK, Dunbar GB, Hantoro WS, Rifai H & Suwargadi BW

(2011) Secular Trends in Granite Zircon εHf–δ18O, Australian Tasmanides
Jeon H, Williams I, Chappell B & Bennett V

(2011) Destruction of Paleoproterozoic Crust: Deciphered from Detrital Zircon Populations and Geochemistry of Quartzites (NE Poland)
Krzeminska E, Krzemiński L, Williams IS & Wiszniewska J

(2010) Regional Correlation of the Precambrian Basement Across the Baltic Sea (N Poland): Evidence from U-Pb Dating of Accessory Zircon
Krzeminska E, Williams I, Wiszniewska J & Krzeminski L

(2010) A New Early Carboniferous Alkaline Province in the Crystalline Basement of NE Poland
Wiszniewska J, Krzeminska E, Krzeminski L, Demaiffe D, Stein H & Williams I

(2009) Rate of Growth of the Preserved North American Continental Crust: Evidence from Hf and O Isotopes in Mississippi Detrital Zircons
Campbell I, Wang C, Allen C, Williams I & Eggins S

(2009) Identifying Cadomian Events Through SHRIMP Geochronology: Ediacaran Magmatism in the Peloritani Mountains (S Italy)
Fiannacca P, Williams IS, Cirrincione R, Lo Giudice A & Pezzino A

(2008) In situ U-Pb, O, and Hf Isotope Measurements in Zircon from I- and S-Type Granites from SE Australia
Ickert R, Williams I & Chappell B

(2008) Archean TTG Petrogenesis – The U/Pb-O-Hf Isotopic Perspective
Hiess J, Bennett V, Nutman A, Williams I & Eggins S

(2008) In situ Conodont Thermometry: Did Cooler Oceans Trigger the Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event?
Trotter J, Williams I, Barnes C, Lecuyer C & Nicoll R

(2008) Applications of SHRIMP II to O Isotopic Analysis of Granite Zircon and Conodont Apatite
Williams I, Trotter J, Ickert R & Chappell B

(2007) Nisa Granitic Massif: SHRIMP Zircon U-Pb Age and Source Constraints
Solá R, Williams I, Neiva A & Ribeiro L

(2007) In situ Hf and O Isotopic Data from Archean Zircons of SW Greenland
Hiess J, Bennett V, Nutman A & Williams I

(2006) The current status of zircon oxygen micro-isotopic analysis using SHRIMP II
Williams IS, Holden P, Hiess J & Ickert R

(2005) Geochemical Characteristics and Ion Microprobe Age of the Mafic Granulites from the Larsemann Hills, East Antarctica
Wang Y, Liu D, Ren L & Williams I

(2004) 3.9Ga to 4.3Ga Zircons in Lunar Breccia 14321: Evidence for a Complex Source for Ejecta from the Imbrium Impact
Pidgeon R, Nemchin A, van Bronswijk W, Meyer C, Compston W & Williams I

(2003) The Behaviour of the Titanite U-Pb System during Polymetamorphism: Evidence from the Harts Range Complex, Arunta Inlier, Central Australia
Buick I & Williams I

(2003) A Multiple Collector for the SHRIMP II High Resolution Ion Microprobe
Foster J, Clement S & Williams I

(2002) How Reliable are the U-Pb Ages Measured on Inherited Zircon?
Williams I

(2001) U-Pb Geochronology: A Fulcrum on Which to Move the Earth
Williams IS, Buick IS, Hand M, Mawby J & Miller JA

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