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All abstracts by Heinz Wilkes in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) Towards Quantitative Paleohydrology: Reconstructing Changes in Relative Humidity from Lipid Biomarker δD Values
Sachse D, Rach O, Kahmen A, Wilkes H & Brauer A

(2011) A High-Resolution Paleohydrological Record of the Younger Dryas Episode from Western Europe – Using Lipid Biomarker D/H Ratios
Rach O, Brauer A, Wilkes H & Sachse D

(2009) Proteogenomic Insights into Anaerobic Biodegradation of Hydrocarbons
Rabus R, Wilkes H & Widdel F

(2007) Carbon and Hydrogen Isotopic Compositions of Petroleum Hydrocarbons to Trace Alteration Processes in Reservoirs
Vieth A, Elias R & Wilkes H

(2007) Controls on Microbial Activity and Compositional Alteration of Crude Oil during in Reservoir Biodegradation
Wilkes H, Vieth A, Elias R & Rabus R

(2004) Anaerobic Biodegradation of Light Hydrocarbons in Crude Oil: A Comparison of Laboratory Experiments and Field Data
Wilkes H, Vieth A, Scherf A, Kühner S, Rabus R & Widdel F

(2004) The Influence of Biodegradation on the Isotopic Signature of Light Hydrocarbons
Vieth A, Kühner S, Rabus R, Widdel F, Scherf A & Wilkes H

(2004) Molecular Characterisation of the Organic Matter at the Mallik 5L-38 Research Well: Implications for Depositional Environment and the Deep Biosphere
Haberer R, Mangelsdorf K, Zink K, Wilkes H & Horsfield B

(2002) Organic Diagenesis: A Potential Provider of Substrates for Deep Microbial Ecosystems
Horsfield B, Dieckmann V, Mangelsdorf K, Di Primio R, Wilkes H & Schloemer S

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