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All abstracts by Wanda Wilczyńska-Michalik in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Magnetic Fraction in Atmospheric Aerosols in Krakow (Poland)
Wilczynska-Michalik W, Michalik JM, Tokarz W, Żukrowski J, Gajewska M & Michalik M

(2020) Microplastic Abundance in the Atmosphere of Krakow (Southern Poland)
Jarosz K, Janus R, Wądrzyk M, Wilczyńska-Michalik W & Michalik M

(2020) Soot Emitted from Domestic Stoves during Solid Fuel Combustion
Michalik M, Drzewicki W, Janus R, Wadrzyk M, Wilczynska-Michalik W & Ziola N

(2017) Magnetic Technoparticles in Soil as a Record of Anthropocene
Wilczyńska-Michalik W, Michalik JM, Zimirska A, Kuca A, Dietrich A & Michalik M

(2017) Particulate Matter Emitted from the Coal Fired Power Plant
Michalik M, Wilczyńska-Michalik W & Dańko J

(2016) Recovery or Reuse of Metals from Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Residues
Michalik M, Kasina M, Kowalski PR & Wilczyńska-Michalik W

(2016) Trace Elements in Biomass Fuel and Biomass Ash – A Comparison with Coal and Coal Ash
Wilczyńska-Michalik W & Michalik M

(2015) Submicron Particulate Matter in Urban Atmosphere in Kraków (S Poland)
Pietras B, Wilczyńska-Michalik W, Samek L, Rzeźnikiewicz K, Łatkiewicz A & Michalik M

(2013) Biomass Combustion – A Possible Source of Environmental Pollution?
Michalik M, Pogrzeba M & Wilczynska-Michalik W

(2013) Power Stations as a Source of Atmospheric Particulate Matter in Southern Poland
Wilczynska-Michalik W, Moryl R, Suder B & Michalik M

(2012) Potentially Hazardous Trace Elements in Biomass Burned in Power Plants
Michalik M, Gasek R & Wilczynska-Michalik W

(2012) Mineral and Chemical Composition of the Biomass Ash
Wilczynska-Michalik W, Gasek R & Michalik M

(2011) Chemical Composition of Biomass Used in Co-combustion with Coal in Polish Power-Plants
Wilczynska-Michalik W, Gasek R & Michalik M

(2011) Chemical Composition of Low-Temperature Biomass Ash
Michalik M, Gasek R & Wilczynska-Michalik W

(2011) Comparison of Biomass Used in Polish Power-Plants with Other Types of Biomass
Gasek R, Wilczynska-Michalik W & Michalik M

(2009) Composition of Fly Ash from Co-combustion of Bio-Mass with Coal in Power Plant
Wilczynska-Michalik W, Gasek R, Danko J & Michalik M

(2009) Transformation of Slag from Historical Smelting Slag Dumps in the Tatra National Park (S Poland)
Michalik M, Małoszowski M & Wilczyńska-Michalik W

(2008) Black Crust on the Dolomite in Polluted Urban Atmosphere: Differences in Dry and Wet Deposition Dominated Environments
Wilczynska-Michalik W, Michalik M, Niezgoda H & Halas S

(2008) Mineral and Chemical Composition of Aeolian Material from the Tatra Mts. (S Poland)
Michalik M, Bialy S, Stuchlik L & Wilczynska-Michalik W

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