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All abstracts by C. Geoffrey Wheat in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) The Role of Ridge-Flank (Low-T) Hydrothermal Circulation in the Oceanic Mg Budget – Mg Isotope Constraints
Shalev N, Wheat CG & Vance D

(2017) Chemistry of Slab-Derived Fluids in the Mariana Forearc
Menzies CD, Ryan JG, Price RE, Sissmann O, Wheat CG & Expedition 366 Science Party I

(2014) Microbial Functions in the Juan de Fuca Ridge Flank Crustal Deep Biosphere Revealed Through Single Cell Genomics
Orcutt B, Carr S, Jungbluth S, Rappé M & Wheat CG

(2014) Evaluating the Subseafloor Fluid Circulation Model of Middle Valley, Juan de Fuca Ridge
Inderbitzen K & Wheat CG

(2014) The Microbial Methane Observatory for Seafloor Analysis (MIMOSA): Long-Term Coupled Geochemistry and Microbiology Experimentation in the Deep-Sea
Orcutt B, Lapham L, Girguis P, Wheat CG, Marshall K & Delaney J

(2013) Oxygen and Carbon Cycling in Basaltic Crust
Orcutt B, Bach W, Edwards K, Girguis P & Wheat G

(2010) Evidence for Seismicity Influencing Deep Sea Primary Productivity: A Year-Long Study of Microbial Processes at the Juan de Fuca Ridge Using Biological Osmotic Samplers
Girguis P, Robidart J, Wheat CG & Frank K

(2010) Life in Young Ocean Crust: Insights from Subsurface Microbial Observatories
Orcutt B, Bach W, Becker K, Fisher A, Hentscher M, Toner B, Wheat CG & Edwards K

(2007) The Stability of Calcite and Aragonite in Sediments Overlying Zones of Basement Fluid Upwelling in the Eastern Flank of the Juan de Fuca Ridge
Monnin C, Wheat G & Mottl M

(2004) Fluid-Sediment Interaction in a Low-Temperature Off-Axis Hydrothermal Environment (Cocos Plate, Costa Rica Margin)
Bodeï S, Steinmann M, Buatier M & Wheat G

(2002) Effect of Fluid-Sediment Reaction on Seafloor Hydrothermal Fluxes of Solutes
Giambalvo ER, Steefel CI, Fisher AT, Rosenberg ND & Wheat CG

(2002) Oceanic Molybdenum Isotope Fractionation: Diagenesis and Hydrothermal Ridge-Flank Alteration
McManus J, N‰gler T, Siebert C, Wheat G & Hammond D

(2002) The Influence of Basement Fluid Upwelling and Diagenetic Reactions on Mineral Stabilities in Oceanic Ridge Flank Sediments
Monnin C, Wheat G & Mottl M

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