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All abstracts by Frances Westall in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Regional to Micron-Scale Controls on Preservation of Biosignatures in Phanerozoic Hot Spring Microbial Sinter
Campbell KA, Guido D, Hamilton A, Rowe M, Lyon B, Teece B, Foucher F, Westall F, Ruff S & Van Kranendonk MJ

(2021) Biogeochemical Heterogeneity in Palaeoarchaean Microbial Mats: A Testament to the Diversity and Biological Complexity of Earth’s Earliest Ecosystems
Hickman-Lewis K, Westall F & Cavalazzi B

(2019) Signatures of Extraterrestrial Life
Westall F

(2018) Most Ancient Evidence for Life in Barberton: Microbial Mats from the 3.472 Ga Middle Marker Horizon
Hickman-Lewis K, Cavalazzi B, Foucher F & Westall F

(2018) Assessing New Biogenicity Criteria of Microfossils with a Novel 3D Imaging Approach
Maldanis L, Hickman-Lewis K, Westall F, Bertrand L, Berenguer F, Gueriau P & Galante D

(2018) Influence of Early Ocean Chemistry on Cell Biochemistry and Prokaryotic Metallomic Biosignatures
Hickman-Lewis K, Cavalazzi B, Sorieul S, Gautret P, Foucher F, Georgelin T, Cockell C & Westall F

(2017) European Sample Return Missions and the Curation in Europe of Material Returned from Space
Russell S, Smith C, Hutzler A, Meneghin A, Brucato J, Ferriere L, Gounelle M, Westall F, Berthoud L & Grady M

(2017) Geochemical Tracing of the Early Archaean Hydrothermal Chemotrophic Biosphere
Hickman-Lewis K, Gautret P, Foucher F, Sorieul S, Cavalazzi B & Westall F

(2017) Searching for Traces of Life with the ExoMars Rover: The What, When, and Where of Landing Sites
Vago JL, Westall F, Loizeau D, Sefton-Nash E, Svedhem H, Rodionov D, Landing Site Selection Working Group T & ExoMars Project Team T

(2017) Evolution of Microbial Biosignatures with Increasing Metamorphic Grade
Cousins C, Mikhail S, Foucher F, Westall F & Steele A

(2013) Limitations of Isotopic and Elemental Signatures of Oxygenic Photosynthesis: A Possible Solution?
Hubert A, Westall F, Simionovici A, Rollion-Bard C & Grasineau N

(2011) Geochemical and Synchrotron Study of Barberton Greenstone Belt Cherts (3.5-3.2 By), South Africa
Ledevin M, Simionovici A, Arndt N & Westall F

(2009) In situ Analysis of the Molecular Organic and Elemental Composition of a 3.33 Ga Microbial Mat from Barberton
Westall F, Lemelle L, Simionovici A, Salomé M, Marrocchi Y, Foucher F, Cavalazzi B, Meibom A, Robert F, Moustafaoui S, Jauss A, Toporski J, Laclean L, Southam G, Susan W, Vilette S, Jamme F & Dumas P

(2006) Search for primordial biogenic isotopic signatures of nitrogen in Archean sedimentary rocks.
Hashizume K, Sugihara A, Pinti DL, Orberger B & Westall F

(2004) Carbonaceous Microfossils in Early Archaean Cherts
Westall F & Rouzaud J

(2004) Archean Protominerals and their Evolution during Chert Formation: Kittys Gap, Pilbara Complex
Rouchon V, Orberger B, Westall F, Gallien J & Pinti D

(2003) An Early and Rapid Colonisation of Habitable Niches on Earth?
Westall F

(2002) Bacterial Silicification – An Experimental Approach
Toporski J, Steele A, Westall F, Thomas-Keptra K & McKay DS

(2002) Early Archaean Microbial Biofilms and their Influence on Volcaniclastic and Chemical Sedimentation
Westall F & Marchesini D

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