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All abstracts by Renata Wentzcovitch in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Now you see it, now you Don’t: Seismic Signals of an Iron Spin Transition in the Lower Mantle
Hernlund J, Shephard G, Hernlund C, Wentzcovitch R & Tronnes R

(2017) Persistence of Large-Scale Heterogeneity in the Earth’s Mantle
Ballmer M, Nakagawa T, Houser C, Hernlund J, Waszek L, Schmerr N, Wentzcovitch R, Ritsema J & Hirose K

(2016) A 3D Temperature Map of the Lower Mantle
Houser C & Wentzcovitch R

(2015) Spin Crossover in Ferropericlase and Velocity Heterogeneities in the Lower Mantle
Wentzcovitch R & Wu Z

(2013) Elasticity of Ferropericlase at Lower Mantle Conditions
Wu Z, Justo J & Wentzcovitch R

(2010) First-Principles Investigation of Order-Disorder Phase Boundary in Ice
Umemoto K, Wentzcovitch R, Baroni S & de Gironcoli S

(2007) Spin Transition in Magnesiownstite in Earth's Lower Mantle
Wentzcovitch R

(2005) MgSiO<->3<$> Post-Perovskite at D' Conditions
Tsuchiya T, Tsuchiya J & Wentzcovitch R

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