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All abstracts by Dominik Weiss in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Copper and Zn Isotope Geochemistry of Particulate Matter: From Natural to Anthropogenic Sources
Dong S, Weiss D, North R, Fowler G, Sun Y, Gupta S & Formenti P

(2015) Applying Zn Isotopes as Tracers of Electroplating Wastes in a Brazilian Lagoon System
Araújo D, Boaventura G, Machado W, Viers J, Weiss D, Patchineelam S, Ruiz I, Rodrigues AP, Babinski M & Dantas E

(2015) The Effect of High pH and Ionic Strength on the Adsorption of Uranium to Quartz, Sandstone, and Volcanic Rock
Kenney J, Watson J & Weiss D

(2015) Zinc Isotope Fractionation in Coal Combustion Systems
Ochoa-Gonzalez R, Diaz-Somoano M, Martinez-Tarazona MR & Weiss D

(2015) Fractionation of Zn Upon Complexation with Physiologically Relevant Organic Ligands in Plants
Markovic T, Simperler A, Harvey J, Vilar R & Weiss D

(2014) Mechanisms of Tolerance to Zinc Deficiency in Rice
Kirk G, Wissuwa M, Weiss D, Roose T, Impa S & Johnson-Beebout S

(2014) Contribution of Fly Ash to Heavy Metal Contamination of Chinese Croplands Revealed with Q-ICP-MS
Ying S, Weiss D, Bu J, Zhao R, Gan Y, Wang Y, Wilcox J & Fendorf S

(2013) High Precision Isotope Measurements Unveil Poor Control of Copper Metabolism in Parkinson’s Disease
Larner F, Sampson B, Rehkämper M, Weiss DJ, Dainty JR, O'Riordan S, Panetta T & Bain P

(2013) Provenance Tracing of Aerosols into the South Atlantic Ocean Using Pb and Nd Isotopes and Select Trace and Rare Earth Elements
Khondoker R, Weiss D, van De Flierdt T, Rehkämper M, Chance R, Baker A, Strekopytov S, Williams E & Najorka J

(2013) Lead Isotopes and Concentrations in the South Atlantic from the UK GEOTRACES Transect along 40°S
Paul M, van de Flierdt T, Rehkamper M, Weiss D, Lohan M & Henderson G

(2012) Zinc Isotopic Fractionation in Phragmites Australis in Response to Toxic Levels of Zinc
Caldelas C, Dong S, Araus JL & Weiss D

(2012) Lead Isotopes in South Atlantic Seawater: Insights on Anthropogenic Inputs and Ocean Circulation
Paul M, van de Flierdt T, Weiss D & Rehkamper M

(2011) Copper and Zinc Isotope Composition of China and India Dust Sources
Dong S, Weiss DJ, Najorka J, Ferrat M, Spiro B, Sun Y, Gupta S & Sinha R

(2011) Cu Isotopes Suggest Cu Reduction during Acquisition in Higher Plants
Jouvin D, Weiss D, Bravin MN, Louvat P, Hinsinger P & Benedetti MF

(2011) A Novel Ion Exchange Separation for Cu Prior to Stable Isotope Analysis by MC-ICPMS
Larner F, Rehkämper M, Coles B, Kreissig K, Weiss D, Sampson B, Unsworth C & Strekopytov S

(2009) Permafrost and Decadal Climate Oscillations during Holocene Peat Accumulation on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau
Large D, Spiro B, Ferrat M, Zhang G & Weiss D

(2009) Geochemical Tracing of Dust in Peat and Dust Samples for Palaeoclimatic Studies of the Asian Monsoon
Ferrat M, Strekopytov S, Unsworth C, Dong S, Sun Y, Spiro B & Weiss DJ

(2006) Nd-Pb-Os and Cu-Zn isotope systematics of Urals VHMS deposits
Tessalina S, Weiss DJ, Mason TF & Chapman JB

(2006) Iron isotope fractionation by abiotic mechanisms during ore genesis
Chapman J, Weiss D, Coles B & Wilkinson J

(2006) Fractionation of Cu, Zn and Fe within the plant-soil environment
Chapman J, Peel K, Arnold T, Wilkinson J, Coles B & Weiss D

(2002) REE Characteristics of Technogenic Products of the Orlovka Ta Granite
Dolgopolova A, Dulski P, Seltmann R & Weiss D

(2002) Iron Isotope Fractionation in an Archaean BIF Sample Suite
Mullane E, Herrington RJ, Russell SS, Gounelle M, Weiss D & Coles B

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