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All abstracts by Melanie Barboni in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Ti Site Occupancy in Natural and Synthetic Zircon
Trail D, Tailby N, Ackerson M, Newville M, Lanzirotti A, Chowdhury W, Szumila I, Barboni M & McKeegan KD

(2023) Sr and Mg Diffusion Models on Plagioclase Show Potential Long Melt Residence Time and Complex Mush Structure beneath Arc Volcanoes
Needham E & Barboni M

(2023) Investigating a Potential 4.33 Ga Large Impact Event on the Moon with High-Precision Lunar Zircon Ages and Geochemistry
Barboni M, Szymanowski D, Schoene B & McKeegan KD

(2017) What We’ve Learned Through Petrochronology by U-Pb TIMS-Tea
Schoene B, Samperton K, Pamukcu A, Barboni M, Keller B & Schaltegger U

(2015) Integrating Zircon Ages and Geochemistry to Investigate the Volcanic-Plutonic Connection: A Case Study from the Lesser Antilles Arc
Barboni M, Schmitt A, Shane P, Bouvier A-S & Baumgartner L

(2014) Crystal Growth Rates in Plutonic Systems via ID-TIMS U-Pb Geochronology
Schoene B, Barboni M & Samperton K

(2013) A Statistical Approach to the Volcanic – Plutonic Connection
Keller B, Schoene B, Samperton K, Barboni M, Gronewold J & Husson J

(2009) Timing of Injection and of Thermal Maturation in a Mid-Crustal Variscan Bimodal Intrusion
Barboni M, Schoene B, Bussy F, Schaltegger U & Gerdes A

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