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All abstracts by Laura Wasylenki in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Reducing Trophic Transfer of Uranium from Plants to Sheep to Navajo People: can Root Fungi Help Sequester U in Plant Roots?
Dunlap K, Wasylenki L & Chanda P

(2020) Unraveling the Role of Nickel in the History of Earth and Life
Wasylenki L & Wang S

(2020) Exploring the Sorption Mechanism of Tungsten on Birnessite with Stable Isotopes
Chanda P, Farmer J & Wasylenki L

(2019) Ionic Strength Strongly Affects Ni Isotope Fractionation between Solution and Mn Oxyhydroxide
Wasylenki L, Wells R & Frierdich A

(2018) Tungsten Isotopes as a Probe of Reactions Governing Tungsten’s Removal from Solution to Sediment
Wasylenki L, Schaefer A & Schauble E

(2018) Sulfide Weathering may Have Sustained Methanogenesis Across the Great Oxidation Event
Wasylenki L, Wang S-J, Rudnick R, Gaschnig R & Wang H

(2017) Towards a Mechanistic Understanding of Metal Isotope Fractionation Using Spectroscopic and Theoretical Approaches
Maher K, Wasylenki L, Nelson J, Joe-Wong C, Bargar J & Brown Jr. G

(2017) Ni Isotopic Composition of the Upper Continental Crust Through Time
Wang S, Wasylenki L, Rudnick R & Gaschnig R

(2017) Tungsten Isotope Fractionation during Adsorption to Common Soil Substrates
Wasylenki L & Schaefer A

(2016) Ni Isotope Anomaly in Banded Iron Formations Prior to the Great Oxidation Event
Wasylenki L & Wang S-J

(2015) Tracing Paleoenvironmental Conditions during Massive Sulfide Deposition in the Iberian Pyrite Belt (IPB): A Geochemical and Mo Isotope Approach
Sáez R, Cardellach E, Moreno C, Almodóvar GR, Wasylenki L & Hui AK

(2015) Adsorption of Isotopically Light Tungsten to Birnessite
Wasylenki L & Schaefer A

(2014) Experiments Reveal the Mechanism by Which Ni Isotopes Fractionate in the Weathering Environment
Wasylenki L, Spivak-Birndorf L, Howe H & Wells R

(2014) Zinc Isotope Fractionation during Adsorption and Incorporation with Calcite
Dong S & Wasylenki L

(2014) Uranium Isotope Fractionation during Incorporation into Aragonite and Calcite
Chen X, Romaniello S, Herrmann A, Wasylenki L & Anbar A

(2014) Ni Isotopes in the Archaean Mount McRae Black Shale
Spivak-Birndorf L, Wasylenki L & Kaufman AJ

(2013) Cd Isotope Fractionation during Sorption to Mn Oxide at Low and High Ionic Strength
Wasylenki L & Swihart J

(2012) Deciphering the Cenozoic Tl Isotope Record of Marine Ferromanganese Crusts- New Evidence from Adsorption Experiments
Peacock C, Nielsen S, Wasylenki L, Moon E & Rehkamper M

(2012) Trace Metal Isotope Fractionation during Adsorption to Mn Oxyhydroxide: Mechanisms, Patterns, and Further Questions
Wasylenki L

(2011) Is Your Clean Lab Full of Zinc?
Wasylenki L, Wilkes E & Anbar A

(2010) The Mechanism of Uranium Isotope Fractionation during Adsorption to Mn Oxyhydroxide
Wasylenki L, Brennecka G, Bargar J & Anbar A

(2009) How Mo Isotopes Fractionate during Adsorption to Mn and Fe Oxyhydroxides
Wasylenki L, Weeks C, Spiro T, Bargar J & Anbar A

(2009) Evaluating the Oxidation State of Antibacterial Minerals
Metge D, Harvey R, Eberl D, Wasylenki L & Williams L

(2008) When Does Metal Adsorption Cause Isotopes to Apportion?
Wasylenki L, Weeks C, Spiro T, Bargar J & Anbar A

(2008) Does Iron Dissociation from Siderophores Lead to Iron Isotope Fractionation?
Nuester J, Liermann L, Wasylenki L, Anbar A & Brantley S

(2008) Experiments Demonstrate that Uranium Isotopes Fractionate during Adsorption to Mn-Oxides
Brennecka G, Wasylenki L, Weyer S & Anbar A

(2007) The Role of Organic Ligands in Fe Isotope Fractionation during Dissolution of Hornblende
Wasylenki L, Anbar A & Brantley S

(2006) Temperature dependence of Mo isotope fractionation during adsorption to δ-MnO2: implications for the paleoredox proxy
Wasylenki L, Anbar A & Gordon G

(2006) Toward multi-element isotopic biosignatures: experimental investigation of microbial metal assimilation
Wasylenki L, Mathur R, Liermann L, Anbar A & Brantley S

(2005) Effects of Temperature and Transport Conditions on Magnesium Contents in Calcite
Wasylenki L, Dove P & De Yoreo J

(2005) A Kink-Site Limited Model for Growth and Inhibition of Biominerals
DeYoreo J, Chernov A, Zepeda-Ruiz L, Wasylenki L, Elhadj S, Orme C, Gilmer G & Dove P

(2004) Sensitivity of Calcite Growth Rate to Solution Mg/Ca Increases with Increasing Temperature
Wasylenki L, Dove P & de Yoreo J

(2004) Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Sr and Mg Interactions with Calcite during Growth: Deciphering Mineralization Processes
Dove P, Wasylenki L, Wilson D & de Yoreo J

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