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All abstracts by Jo-Anne Wartho in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Origin of Isolated Seamounts in the Canary Basin (East Atlantic): The Role of Plume Material in the Origin of Seamounts not Associated with Hotspot Tracks
Geldmacher J, Long X, Hoernle K, Hauff F, Wartho J-A & Garbe-Schönberg D

(2020) More Than 40 Million Years of Oblique Subduction Recorded in the Magmatism of the Westernmost Aleutian Arc
Höfig TW, Portnyagin M, Hoernle K, Hauff F, Jicha BR, Wartho J-A, van den Bogaard P & Garbe-Schönberg D

(2020) Compositionally Distinct Overlying Hotspot Tracks in the South Atlantic: Do Primary Mantle Plumes Trigger Secondary Upwellings?
Homrighausen S, Hoernle K, Zhou H, Geldmacher J, Wartho J-A, Hauff F, Werner R, Jung S & Morgan JP

(2019) Colville and Kermadec Ridge Age and Geochemistry: New Insights into the proto-Kermadec Arc Petrogenesis and Arc Splitting, SW Pacific
Timm C, De Ronde C, Hoernle K, Cousens B, Wartho J-A, Hauff F & Caratori Tontini F

(2014) Excimer Laser Microprobe 40Ar/39Ar Chronology of Impact Melt Products
Hodges K, Mercer C, Young K, Wartho JA, van Soest M & Weirich J

(2011) A Novel Application of (U-Th)/He Geochronology to Constrain the Age of Small, Young Meteorite Impact Craters: A Case Study of Monturaqui Crater, Chile
Ukstins Peate I, van Soest M & Wartho J-A

(2008) 40Ar/39Ar UV Laser Dating, EBSD & EMP Analysis of 1040-940 Ma Metamorphic/Deformation/Cooling Events Recorded in Sibao Orogen White Micas, South China
Wartho J-A, Li Z-X, Occhipinti S & Reddy S

(2006) The timing of Variscan deformation: UV laser 40Ar/39Ar dating of synlate-orogenic intrusions from SW Ireland
Wartho J, Quinn D & Meere P

(2002) Ar-Ar Ages in Xenolith Phlogopites – Information on the Earth's Lithospheric Mantle and Kimberlites
Wartho J-A & Kelley S

(2002) Experimental Determinations of Ar Diffusion and Solubility in Plagioclase and Leucite
Kelley S, Wartho J-A & Steven E

(2000) An Experimental View of the Behaviour of Noble Gases during Mantle Melting
Kelley SP, Brooker RA, Chamorro-Perez E, Wartho J & Wood B

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