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All abstracts by David Baratoux in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) The Early Thermal Evolution and Delamination of Mars’ Crust
Samuel H, Michaut C, Baratoux D, Monteux J, Andrault D & Kurita K

(2017) The Role of Sulfides in the Fractionation of Highly Siderophile and Chalcophile Elements during the Formation of Shergottite Meteorites
Baumgartner RJ, Fiorentini ML, Lorand J-P, Baratoux D, Zaccarini F, Ferriere L & Kerim S

(2017) Africa Initiative for Planetary and Space Sciences
Baratoux D, Chennaoui-Aoudjehane H, Gibson R, Lamali A, Reimold WU, Selorm Sapah M, Chabou C, Habarulema JB, Jessell MW, Mogessie A, Benkhaldoun Z, Nkhonjera E, Mukosi NC, Kaire M, Rochette P, Sickafoose A, Martínez-Frías J, Hofmann A, Folco L & Rossi AP

(2015) Sm-Nd Garnet Metamorphic Ages in the Bole-Nangodi Belt, Ghana
Baratoux L, Honn D, Eccles KA, Baratoux D, Baxter E, Dragovic B, Block S & Jessell MW

(2015) Trace Element Chemistry of Sulphides in the Shergottite Meteorites: Insights into the Behaviour of Siderophile-Chalcophile Elements in Martian Magmas
Baumgartner R, Fiorentini M, Baratoux D, Zaccarini F & Lorand JP

(2015) Lessons Learned from Multi-Scale Studies of Crustal K-Th Distribution
Baratoux D, Jessell M, McFarlane H, Fall M, Andre-Mayer A-S, Vanderhaegue O, Baratoux L, Boamah K & Ndiaye PM

(2013) What can Spectral Properties of SNCs and Martian Surface Tell us About Crust-Mantle System Evolution?
Ody A, Poulet F, Baratoux D, Bibring J-P, Toplis M & Quantin C

(2013) Petrological Constraints on Formation of the Martian Crust
Baratoux D, Monnereau M, Toplis MJ, Kurita K, Samuel H, Garcia R & Wieczorek M

(2011) Hydrothermal Alteration in the Vargeão Basaltic Impact Structure (South Brazil)
Yokoyama E, Nédélec A, Trindade R, Berger G & Baratoux D

(2007) Textural Evolution of Metal and Sulphide in H-Chondrites: Constraining Parent-Body Structure
Toplis M, Guignard J, Baratoux D & Monnereau M

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