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All abstracts by Yanbin Wang in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Effect of Liquid Fe-S on Elastic Wave Velocity of Olivine Aggregate Investigated by Ultrasonic Measurement and X-Ray Microtomography Analysis
Kono Y, Kuwahara H, Greaux S, Rivers M, Wang Y, Higo Y, Mitsu K & Kondo N

(2023) Density of Silicate Melts by 3D X-Ray Absorption Microtomography
Clark A, Lesher C, Yu T & Wang Y

(2023) Zircon U-Pb Ages of the Mafic Gneiss and Leucogneiss from the Bailey Peninsula: Constraints on Timing of Tectonothermal Events Related to the Amalgamation of Rodinia in the Windmill Islands, East Antarctica
Wang Y

(2022) Sound Velocity and Density of Iron-Titanium-Rich Melt Support an Overturned Melt Layer in the Deep Lunar Interior
Xu M, Jing Z, Van Orman JA, Yu T & Wang Y

(2018) Silicate Melt Ferric/Ferrous Iron Speciation and the Redox State of a Deep Magma Ocean
Frost D, Armstrong K, Rubie D, McCammon C, Boffa Ballaran T, Siersch N & Wang Y

(2018) In situ U-Pb-Hf-O Isotope Analyses of the High Grade Metamorphic Rocks from UHT Terrane, Rauer Group, East Antarctica
Wang Y

(2017) In situ U-Pb-Hf-O Isotope Analyses of the Ultra-High Temperature Metapelite from Mather Peninsula, East Antarctica
Wang Y

(2015) The Migration of Carbonate Melt in Mantle
Wang C, Zhang J, Zhang Y, Guo X, Jin Z & Wang Y

(2015) Structure of Mg2SiO4 Glass up to Pressures of the Core-Mantle Boundary
Prescher C, Prakapenka V, Skinner L & Wang Y

(2014) Permeability of Core-Forming Melts: A Multidimensional Approach
Watson H, Todd K, Shi K, Van Deusen J, Yu T & Wang Y

(2013) Silicate Melts Under High Pressure
Wang Y, Sakamaki T, Skinner L, Shen G, Yu T, Kono Y, Jing Z & Park C

(2013) Elastic Wave Velocities of Polycrystalline Mg<sub>3</sub>Al<sub>2</sub>Si<sub>3</sub>O12-pyrope Garnet to 24 GPa and 1300K
Chantel J, Manthilake G, Frost D, Beyer C, Jing Z & Wang Y

(2013) Transformational Faulting in High Pressure Polymorphs – Two Case Studies in Quartz and Olivine
Schubnel A, Brunet F, Hilairet N, Gasc J, Wang Y & Green HWI

(2012) The Composition of the Lower Mantle Constrained by Experiments on the Elasticity of Magnesium Silicate Perovskite
Frost D, Chantel J, Kurnosov A, Trots D, Boffa Ballaran T & Wang Y

(2012) Rapid Core Segregation in Planetesimals: Results from in situ X-Ray Microtomography
Watson H, Todd K, Wang Y & Yu T

(2011) From Solids to Liquids: A Coordinated Approach for Studying Dynamic Processes in the Deep Earth Using Large-Volume Apparatus and Synchrotron Radiation
Wang Y

(2010) New Applications of in situ Synchrotron X-Ray Techniques for Studies of Earth and Planetary Materials at High Pressure and Temperature
Wang Y

(2008) In situ U-Pb Geochronology and Hf Isotope Analyses of the Ultra-High Temperature Metapelite from Mather Peninsula, East Antarctica
Wang Y

(2008) X-Ray Microtomography Under Extreme Conditions
Lesher CE, Wang Y, Gaudio S, Clark A, Sanehira T, Yamada A & Roberts J

(2008) Rheology of Serpentines, Seismicity and Mass Transfer in Subduction Zone
Reynard B, Hilairet N, Daniel I & Wang Y

(2007) Geochemical Characteristics of the Mashan Au-S Deposit in Tongling, Anhui Province
Tian S, Hou Z, Yang Z, Ding T, Meng Y, Zeng P, Wang Y & Wang X

(2007) In situ High P-T Melting and Phase Equilibria Experiments on the Allende Meteorite
Danielson L, Righter K, Leinenweber K & Wang Y

(2007) U-Pb Zircon Age of the Metapelites and Granitic Gneisses from Nyalam High Himalayan Series and their Significance to the Early Palaeozoic Tectonic Evolution
Wang Y

(2007) Diagenetic Environment of Qingbulake Basic Complex, Xinjiang, NW China
Zhang Z, Mao J, Wang Z & Wang Y

(2007) P-V-T Equation of State of Glasses and Melts by X-Ray Microtomography and Absorption
Lesher C, Wang Y, Gaudio S, Clark A & Rivers M

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