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All abstracts by Xiaolin Wang in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Thermochemical Oxidation of Hydrocarbon Induced by High-Valence Metal Oxides in the Deep Sedimentary Basin
Kang X, Hu W, Fu B, Cao J, Wang X & Wu H

(2017) Effect of Pressure on Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation of Aqueous Sulfate Solution Observed in Fused Silica Capillary Tubes at Elevated Temperatures
Wang X, Chou I-M & Wan Y

(2013) In situ Observations of Liquid-Liquid Immiscibility in the System MgSO4-H2O (D2O)
Wang X & Hu W

(2013) Dolomitization Process and its Effect on the Behavior of Trace Elements in Carbonate Rocks
Hu W, Wang L & Wang X

(2013) Abnormal K-Feldspars from the Lower Cambrian Hetang Formation in the Lower Yangtze Area: Implications for Hydrothermal Activities
Chang C, Hu W & Wang X

(2011) Raman Spectroscopic Study of the System NaCl-Na2CO3-Na2SO4-H2O: Implications for the Determination of Cl- Concentration in Fluid Inclusions
Hu W, Wang X, Chou I-M & Sun Q

(2010) The Primary Dolomite of Microbial Origin in the Late Neoproterozoic Algal Dolomite, Tarim Basin, China
Hu W, Wang X & Li Q

(2010) Study on Qinglong Antimony Deposit, Guizhou Province, China: Buried History, Ore-Forming Temperature and Mineralizing Period
Hu Y, Wang J & Wang X

(2010) Carbon, Oxygen and Strontium Isotopic Compositions of Lower to Middle Cambrian Carbonates in the Northwestern Tarim Basin, China
Wang X, Hu W & Xie X

(2009) Trace Oil Migration Using Element Composition of Reservoir Diagenetic Mineral: A Preliminary Case Study in the Junggar Basin (Northwest China)
Cao J, Xie L, Wang X & Hu W

(2008) Fluid Inclusion and Trace Element of the Hong-Che Fault Calcite Cement, the Northwestern Junggar Basin
Cao J, Xie L, Wang X & Hu W

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