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All abstracts by Qiang Wang in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Selective Solvent Extraction for the Simulation of Oil Expulsion and Evaluation of Shale Oil Potential
Jia W, Wang Q, Zhang W & Peng P

(2019) Nature and Evolution of Crust in Southern Lhasa, Tibet: Transformation from Microcontinent to Juvenile Terrane
Ma L, Kerr A & Wang Q

(2019) Crustal Maturation Through Chemical Weathering and Crustal Recycling Revealed by Hf-O-B Isotopes
Tang G, Wang Q, Wyman D & Dan W

(2019) Passive Margin Magmatism Caused by Enhanced Slab Pull Forces
Dan W, Wang Q, White WM, Zhang X-Z & Tang G-J

(2018) Late Permian Bimodal Volcanic Rocks in the Northern Qiangtang, Central Tibet: Evidence for the Interaction between Emeishan Plume and Paleo-Tethyan Subduction System
Wang J, Wang Q, Zhang C, Dan W, Qi Y, Zhang X-Z & Xia X-P

(2010) A Riebeckite Alkaline Granite Related to Subduction Setting in Chinese Altay Mountain
Zhao Z, Wang Q, Bao Z, Luo Y & Tang G

(2009) Ca. 780 Ma A-Type Granites in South China: Implications for the Breakup of Supercontinent Rodinia
Wang Q, Wyman D, Li Z-X, Zhao Z-H & Bao Z

(2008) Geochronology and Geochemistry of the Fangcheng Neoproterozoic Alkali-Syenites in East Qinling Orogen and its Geodynamic Implications
Bao Z, Wang Q & Zhao Z

(2008) Geochronology and Geochemistry of Ore-Bearing Porphyries in the Lamasu and Dabate Areas, Western Tianshan (Northern Xinjiang, China)
Tang G, Wang Q, Zhao Z & Wyman D

(2008) Late Triassic Rhyolites and High-Mg Andesites in the Northern Hohxil Area, Songpan-Ganzi Terrane
Wang Q, Wyman D & Zhao Z

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