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All abstracts by Li Wang in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) The Role of Tailing Colloid on the Migration of Vanadium in Porous Media
Huang Y, Li Z, Jiao G & Wang L

(2021) Transitions in Microbial Communities along Two Sediment Corescollected from the Landward Walls of the New Britain Trench
Wang L, Liu R & Fang J

(2021) Novel Chloroflexi Genomes from the Challenger Deep Reveal Metabolic Strategies for the Adaptation to Deep-Sea Habitats
Liu R, Wei X, Wang L, Song W & Fang J

(2021) Genesis of Pyrobitumen in a Newly Discovered Shale Oil Reservoir— Kongdian Formation in the Cangdong Sag of Bohai Bay Basin, China
Wang L & Han Y

(2020) Potentially Active Microbes in the Sediment of Hadal Trenches and their Metabolic Potentials: Implications to Organic Carbon Degaradation in Hadal Sediments
Liu R, Wang L, Wang Z, Wei X, Song W & Fang J

(2020) Chemical Species Characteristics and Air Pollution Sources Tracing by Cd Isotopic Composition of Aerosol Particles in a Megacity, Southwest of China
Huang Y, Wang L, Cheng X, Wang J, Li T & He M

(2020) Adsorption of Fluorion from Aqueous Solution onto Zr-Loaded Calcium Sulfate Whisker
Wang L, Huang Y, Wang J & Zhou D

(2019) The Micro Morphology, Heavy Metal Concentration, Cadmium and Lead Isotopic Compositions of Atmospheric Dust in a Typical Mining Area, Southwest of China
Huang Y, Wang J, Wang L, He M, Su T, Cheng X & Ni S

(2017) Vertical Variations of Pelagic Bacterial Communities in the New Britain Trench
Liu R, Wang L & Fang J

(2017) Benthic Microbial Community in the Sediment Cores Collected from Active Continental Margin Around New Britain Trench
Wang L, Liu R & Fang J

(2014) Distribution and Origin of Straight Long-Chain Alkyl Naphthalenes in the Upper Cretaceous Lacustrine Sediments of Songliao Basin, China
Song Z, Cao X & Wang L

(2010) The Paleosalinity for Lacustrine Massive Source Rocks Deposition during the Upper Cretaceous in Songliao Basin, China
Wang L, Song Z & Guo J

(2010) Biomarker Study of Depositional Environment during the Sedimentation of Organic-Rich Source Rocks of Nenjiang Formation, Songliao Basin of China
Guo J, Song Z & Wang L

(2010) Paleoclimate, Nutrient Supply and Lacustrine Source Rocks Formation in Songliao Basin, China
Zou Y-R, Wei Z, Cai Y, Wang L, Song Z & Peng P

(2008) Modeling As(III) Removal by Synthesized FeS Coated Sand in Batch and Column Systems
Wang L, Abriola L, Han YS, Hayes K & Demond A

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