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All abstracts by Defang Wan in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2016) The ╬┤30Si Peak Values Discovered in Cherts from Middle Proterozoic Carbonate Rocks in Northern China and its Implication on Environmental Variation of Ancient Ocean
Ding T, Gao J, Tian S, Zhao Y, Fan C & Wan D

(2009) The Discovery of Mass Independent Oxygen Isotopic Compositions in Nitrate Deposits from Turpan-Hami Basin, Xinjiang, China
Li Y, Qin Y, Liu F, Hou K, Wan D & Tian Y

(2008) Formation Mechanism of Banded Iron Formation and Atmosphere and Ocean of Early Earth
Li Y, Hou K & Wan D

(2008) Silicon Isotope Variation of Chert Beds from Later Archean to Proterozoic as a Tracer of Paleo-Environmental Variation in Ocean
Ding T, Wan D & Tian S

(2005) Effect of Rice Growth on Geochemical Circle of Silicon: Silicon Isotope Study on Rice Plants Grew in Field and Laboratory
Ding T, Ma G, Shui M, Wan D & Li R

(2004) Sulfur Isotope Anomaly Discovered in Sulfide Bed of Later Archean Jingangku Formation, Wutai Group, Shanxi Province, China
Ding T, Wan D, Zhang Z, Wang C & Li Y

(2003) Silicon Isotope Compositions of Proterozoic Sedimentary Siliceous Rocks in Shisanling Area, Beijing, China
Zhang Z, Ding T, Wang C & Wan D

(2003) Study on Si and O Isotopes of Principal Nephrite Ore Deposits in China
Wan D & Zou T

(2003) Large and Systematic Silicon Isotope Fractionation Discovered in Single Sticks of Bamboo
Ding T, Wan D, Wang C & Zhang F

(2002) Si, O and H Isotopic Compositions of Water and Suspended Materials in the Yangtze River, China
Ding T, Wan D, Wang C & Zhang F

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