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All abstracts by Shigeyuki Wakaki in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Ba Stable Isotopes and their Relationship with Salinity in the East China Sea
Horikawa K, Tezuka Y, Miyazaki T & Wakaki S

(2020) 87Sr/86Sr Linkage between Geological and Biological Materials
Minami M, Sawada H & Wakaki S

(2020) Intensification of Antarctic Chemical Silicate Weathering during the EOT Revealed by Mg and Li Isotopes
Sproson A, Yoshimura T, Aze T, Yokoyama Y, Ishikawa T, Wakaki S & Ohkouchi N

(2019) Sr Isotope Exchange in Bone Apatite: An 84Sr-Enrichment Experiment
Minami M & Wakaki S

(2019) High Precision Analysis of Radiogenic Sr Isotope Ratios of Modern and Quaternary Oceans
Wakaki S, Yoshimura T, Takayanagi H & Wakaki H

(2018) Precise and Accurate Analysis of Stable Sr Isotope Ratios by DS-Tims and its Application to Paleoenvironmental Studies
Wakaki S, Obata H, Tazoe H & Ishikawa T

(2016) A Quaternary ╬┤88/86Sr Record from Planktonic Foraminifera in Equatrial Pacific Sediment of West Caroline Basin
Yoshimura T, Wakaki S, Kuroda J, Yamazaki T, Takagi H, Kimoto K, Sakuramoto Y, Ishikawa T & Ohkouchi N

(2016) High Temperature Sr Isotope Fractionation during Magmatic Differentiation: The Role of Plagioclase
Wakaki S, Wakasugi Y, Ichino K, Ishikawa T & Tsuboi M

(2015) Magmatic Strontium Stable Isotope Fractionation within a Single Granitic Pluton
Wakasugi Y, Tanioka Y, Wakaki S, Tsuboi M & Ishikawa T

(2015) Isotope Analysis of Ng-Sized Nd by Total Evaporation TIMS and its Application to Foraminifera Samples
Wakaki S, Yoshimura T, Kuroda J, Ohkouchi N & Ishikawa T

(2014) Chronology of Multiple Melting of a Type C CAI from Allende CV3
Kawasaki N, Kato C, Itoh S, Ito M, Wakaki S & Yurimoto H

(2013) Stable Isotopic Fractionation of Sr and Eu Among Igneous Rocks
Wakaki S, Tanimizu M, Ishikawa T & Tanaka T

(2009) Natural Isotopic Variation of Europium Among Geological Samples
Tanaka H, Wakaki S, Tanimizu M & Tanaka T

(2009) Oxygen Isotopic Compositions of a Compound CAI in Allende
Wakaki S, Itoh S, Tanaka T & Yurimoto H

(2009) Radiogenic and Stable Isotope Systematics of Strontium within a Single Granitic Pluton
Kimura Y, Tsuboi M, Wakaki S, Katoh D, Asahara Y & Tanaka T

(2007) Stable Isotope Geochemistry of Nd in Various Terestrial Rocks
Wakaki S & Tanaka T

(2007) Elemental and Isotopic Fractionation in Some Organs of Bamboo
Tanaka T, Wakaki S, Tanimizu M & Asahara Y

(2006) Precise measurement of Sm isotopes by TIMS using double spike technique
Wakaki S & Tanaka T

(2003) Single Mineral Rb-Sr Isochron Dating
Wakaki S & Tanaka T

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