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All abstracts by Urs von Gunten in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Reactivity between Dimethylsulfide and Hypobromous Acid and its Relevance for the Environment
M├╝ller E, Bouchet S, von Gunten U & Winkel L

(2011) Electron Donating Properties of Humic Substances and Implications for Pollutant Phototransformation
Sander M, Wenk J, Aeschbacher M, Schwarzenbach RP, von Gunten U, Salhi E & Canonica S

(2008) Iron Isotope Fractionation during Fe(II) Sorption to Mineral Surfaces
Mikutta C, Wiederhold JG, Hofstetter TB, Cirpka OA, Bourdon B & von Gunten U

(2004) Iron Isotope Fractionation during Adsorption of Fe(II) on Fe(III) Oxides
Teutsch N, Von Gunten U, Hofstetter T & Halliday A

(2002) Iron Isotope Fractionation in Groundwater
Teutsch N, von Gunten U, Porcelli D & Halliday A

(2002) Continuous Radon Measurement in Groundwater
Hoehn E, Surbeck H, Salhi E & von Gunten U

(2002) Reactivity of Fe(II) in Presence of Calcite and Fe/CaCO3 Solid-Solution
Mettler S & von Gunten U

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