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All abstracts by Nathalie Vigier in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Lithium Isotope Composition of Scleratinian Corals is Sensitive to Internal pH Regulation
Vigier N, Comeau S, Counillon L, McCulloch M & Rodolfo-Metalpa R

(2020) Novel Application of Lithium and its Isotopes in Marine Ecotoxicology
Thibon F, Weppe L, Bustamante P, Oberhänsli F, Métian M, Churlaud C, Montanes M, Lacoue-Labarthe T, Cherel Y & Vigier N

(2020) Clay Li-Nd Isotope Variations in the Changjiang Basin over the Past 14, 000 Years
Yang C, Vigier N, Yang S, Revel M & Bi L

(2019) Enhanced Silicate Weathering Intensity in the Mid-Lower Changjiang (Yangtze River) Valley in Response to the Three Gorges Dam Construction
Yang C, Yang S, Song J & Vigier N

(2019) Co-variations of Climate and Silicate Weathering in the Nile Basin during the Late Pleistocene
Bastian L, Revel M, Bayon G, Vigier N, Lamb H, Pivot S, Menot G & Bard E

(2019) A Worldwide Survey of Li and Mg Isotopes in River Clays
Vigier N, Ryu J-S, Godderis Y & Bayon G

(2018) Li Isotope Fractionation during Biotite Dissolution
Ryu J-S, Vigier N & Choi H-B

(2018) Rapid Response of Silicate Weathering to Climate Change: Evidence from Li Isotopes in the Changjiang Delta Sediment
Yang C, Yang S & Vigier N

(2018) Floodplain Versus Mountains in the Li Continental Cycle: A Model View
Maffre P, Goddéris Y, Vigier N & Carretier S

(2018) A New Cenozoic Marine δ7Li Record Based on Authigenic Smectites
Neimard M, Vigier N, Karpoff A-M & Reisberg L

(2017) Impact of Heinrich Stadials on North-East Africa Soils during the Late Quaternary
Bastian L, Vigier N, Bayon G, Zanti M, Dufour A, Lamb H & Revel M

(2017) δ26Mg Record of Phanerozoic Oceans
Törber P, Farkas J, Rollion-Bard C, Wallmann K, Brand U, Azmy K, Tomasovych A, Lecuyer C, Vigier N, Saulnier S, Komarek M, Magna T, Simecek M, Francova M, Böhm F & Eisenhauer A

(2017) Cenozoic δ7Li Variations of Marine Authigenic Smectite
Neimard M, Vigier N, Karpoff A-M & Reisberg L

(2016) Impact of an in situ Acidification Experiment on Benthic Foraminifera Ecology and their Calcite Geochemistry
Vigier N, Barras C, Cox E, Gazeau F, Rollion-Bard C, Plihon M, Mahacek P, Kerros M-E, Parent B, Alliouane S, Jorissen F & Gattuso J-P

(2016) Links between Continental Weathering and Climate in the Nile Basin Since 30 ka
Bastian L, Revel M, Bayon G, Dufour A & Vigier N

(2016) Experimental Investigation of Mg Isotope Fractionation during Mineral Dissolution and Clay Formation
Ryu J-S, Vigier N, Decarreau A, Lee S-W, Lee K-S, Song H & Petit S

(2016) Flat Continents, Weathering, and Climate Regulation
Maffre P, Goddéris Y, Donnadieu Y, Ladant J-B, Carretier S, Labat D & Vigier N

(2016) Past and Modern Weathering Conditions in the Murrumbidgee Basin (Australia)
Rothacker L, Dosseto A, Chivas A & Vigier N

(2015) The Use of Lithium and its Isotopes in Foraminifera as Proxies for the Past Ocean DIC
Erez J, Rollion-Bard C, Vigier N, Levenson Y & Bentov S

(2015) Intra-Shell Variability of Magnesium Isotope Compositions in Brachiopod Shells
Rollion-Bard C, Saulnier S, Vigier N, Schumacher A, Chaussidon M & Lécuyer C

(2014) Paleo-Variation of Lithium Isotope Geochemistry during Basalt Weathering in Hawaii
Ryu J-S, Vigier N, Lee S-W, Chadwick OA & Lee K-S

(2013) New Constraints on K-Pg Boundary Environmental Changes with Li Isotopes
Vigier N, Ravizza G, Nagashima K, Norris R, Petit S, Beaufort D & Karpoff A-M

(2012) δ26Mg of Brachiopod Shells and the Composition of Past Seawater
Saulnier S, Rollion-Bard C, Lecuyer C, Vigier N & Chaussidon M

(2012) Magnesium Isotopic Fractionation in Arid Hawaiian Soils
Trostle K, Derry L, Vigier N & Chadwick O

(2011) Isotopic Tracing of Lithium Sources in the Seine River, Paris (France)
Vigier N, Gaillardet J, Louvat P & Chen J

(2010) Sensitivity of the Chemical Weathering of the Continents to Environmental Gradients
Godderis Y, Violette A, Beaulieu E, Williams J, Roelandt C, Vigier N, Schott J, Pollard D, Pierret M-C & Brantley S

(2010) Lithium Isotope Signatures of Hydrothermally Altered Basalts (Hengill, Iceland)
Verney-Carron A, Vigier N, Millot R & Hardarson BS

(2009) Li Isotopes in Foraminifera: A New Proxy for Past Ocean Dissolved Inorganic Carbon?
Vigier N, Rollion-Bard C & Erez J

(2009) Impact of Environmental Conditions and Skeletal Ultrastructure on the Li Isotopic Composition of Scleractinian Corals
Rollion-Bard C, Vigier N, Meibom A, Blamart D & Reynaud S

(2008) Hf and Nd Isotopes in Marine Sediments: Constraints on Global Silicate Weathering
Bayon G, Burton K, Vigier N, Dennielou B, Ponzevera E, German C & Nesbitt R

(2007) Osmium Groundwater Flux from the Bengal Basin: Implications for the Osmium Marine Budget
Paul M, Reisberg L, Vigier N, Zheng Y & Charlet L

(2007) Stable and Radiogenic Isotope Variations Accompanying Continental Weathering
Burton K, Gannoun A, Georg B, Gislason S, James R, Pogge von Strandmann P, Mokadem F, Sigfusson B & Vigier N

(2007) Compared Mg Isotope Compositions of Plants, Rocks and Waters
Bolou bi EB, Vigier N, Poszwa A & Brenot A

(2007) Lithium Isotope Systematics in the Strengbach Catchment (Vosges, France)
Lemarchand E, Chabaux F, Vigier N, Millot R & Pierret MC

(2006) Sediment sources and transport in the Ganga-Brahmaputra basin: information from Os isotopes
Paul M, Reisberg L, Vigier N, France-Lanord C & Galy V

(2006) In-situ Ca isotope measurements in foraminifera
Vigier N, Rollion-Bard C & Spezzaferri S

(2006) Quantifying the isotopic fractionation of lithium during clay formation at various temperatures
Vigier N, Decarreau A, Millot R, Carignan J, Petit S & France-Lanord C

(2004) U-Series in Icelandic Rivers
Vigier N, Burton K, Gislason S, Rogers N & Hodge E

(2004) Silicate Weathering Mechanisms Inferred from Direct Measurements of 176Hf/177Hf Ratios in River Waters
Bayon G, Vigier N, Burton K, Brenot A, Carignan J & Chu N

(2004) Quantifying the Effect of Weathering Processes on the Chemical Signal to the Oceans
Burton K, Gannoun A, Vigier N, Bayon G, Reynolds B, James R & Gislason S

(2002) Constraints on Basalt Erosion from Li Isotopes and U-Series Nuclides Measured in Iceland Rivers
Vigier N, Burton KW, Gislason SR, Rogers NW, Schaefer BF & James RH

(2002) Models for Chemical Weathering Based on U-Series Measured in Rivers
Bourdon B, Vigier N & Allègre C

(2000) Timing of Chemical Weathering with U-Decay Series Measured in Rivers
Vigier N, Bourdon B, Turner S & Allegre CJ

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