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All abstracts by Jérôme Viers in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Investigation of Chemical Contamination after a Strong Flash Flood (2018) in the Mining Area of the Orbiel Catchment (France)
Behra P, Delplace G, Schreck E, Oliva P & Viers J

(2020) Zinc Isotope Study of Neurotoxic Peptide Aggregation
Poitrasson F, Sabater L, Henry M, Atrian-Blasco E, Sonke JE, Viers J & Hureau C

(2020) New Insights on Cu Homeostasis in Vine Plants Through the Use of Cu Isotopes
Blotevogel S, Oliva P, Denaix L, Viers J, Audry S & Schreck E

(2019) Fractionation of Zn Isotopes during Uptake of ZnO Nanomaterials by Plants
Caldelas C, Poitrasson F, Viers J & Araus JL

(2019) Zinc Isotope Investigations into Neuropeptide Aggregation
Poitrasson F, Sabater L, Henry M, Atrian-Blasco E, Sonke JE, Viers J & Hureau C

(2018) Major and Trace Element Fractionation and Transfer in Humid Tropical Urban Hydro-Ecosystems: Mefou Watershed (Yaoundé, Cameroon)
Youego Sihon J-R, Braun JJ, Audry S, Ndam Ngoupayou JR, Bisso D, Viers J & Nguemou Tchado D

(2016) The Fate of Cu-based Pesticides in Vineyard Soils: A δ65Cu Case Study on Contrasting Soil Types
Blotevogel S, Oliva P, Viers J, Denaix L, Audry S, Darrozes J, Courjault-Radé P, Orgogozo L, Prunier J & Schreck E

(2015) Applying Zn Isotopes as Tracers of Electroplating Wastes in a Brazilian Lagoon System
Araújo D, Boaventura G, Machado W, Viers J, Weiss D, Patchineelam S, Ruiz I, Rodrigues AP, Babinski M & Dantas E

(2014) The Use of Mosses as Bioindicators for Zn Pollution: Physico-Chemical Characterization and Stable Isotopic Fractionation
González AG, Pokrovsky OS & Viers J

(2014) Basalt Weathering and Plant Recycling in Permafrost-Bearing Watersheds of Central Siberia: A Multi-Isotope Approach (Si, Mg, Ca, Zn, and Cu)
Pokrovsky OS, Viers J, Prokushkin AS, Mavromatis V, Bagard M-L & Chabaux F

(2013) Ca Isotope Fractionation in a Permafrost-Dominated Boreal Ecosystem (Kulingdakan Watershed, Central Siberia)
Bagard M-L, Schmitt A-D, Chabaux F, Prokrovsky OS, Viers J, Stille P, Labolle F & Prokushkin A

(2013) Zn Isotope Fractionation in Pristine Larch Forest Developed on Permafrost-Dominated Soils in Central Siberia
Viers J, Prokushkin A, Pokrovsky O, Kirdyanov A, Zouiten C, Oliva P & Dupre B

(2013) Past and Present Impact of Mining Activity on Metal and Metalloid Contamination in Sediments of the Gardon River Watershed (France)
Resongles E, Casiot C, Freydier R, Dezileau L, Viers J & Elbaz-Poulichet F

(2013) Impact of Basalt Weathering and Plant Recycling on Mg Transport from the Soil to the River Under Permafrost Environment: A Stable Mg Isotope Study in Central Siberia
Prokushin A, Mavromatis V, Pokrovsky O & Viers J

(2012) Physico-Chemical and Structural Controls on Copper Isotope Fractionation during its Sorption by Benthic Algae and a Phototrophic Biofilm
Coutaud A, Pokrovsky OS, Glatzel P, Pokrovski GS, Viers J & Rols J-L

(2011) Copper and Zinc Isotope Fractionation during their Interaction with Phototrophic Biofilm
Coutaud A, Pokrovsky OS, Rols J-L & Viers J

(2011) Numerical Study of Weathering Fluxes at the Catchment Scale in a Boreal Watershed: A Coupled Thermo-Hydro-Geochemical Mechanistic Approach
Orgogozo L, Goddéris Y, Pokrovsky O, Viers J, Labat D, Prokushkin A & Dupré B

(2010) Sources of Colloidal and Dissolved Loads over the Hydrological Cycle in Siberian Rivers
Bagard M-L, Chabaux F, Pokrovsky O, Prokushkin A, Viers J, Derenne S & Templier J

(2009) Origin of Chemical Fluxes Carried by Boreal Rivers: Evidence from Major and Trace Element, U and Sr Isotope Data in Two Siberian Rivers
Bagard M-L, Chabaux F, Pokrovsky OS, Prokushkin AS, Viers J, Derenne S, Templier J & Dupré B

(2008) Chemical Weathering of Mafic Rocks in Boreal Environment (NW Russia)
Vasyukova E, Oliva P, Pokrovsky O, Viers J, Martin F, Dupre B & Bychkov A

(2007) Historical Variations in Zinc Stable Isotope Compositions of Smelter Polluted Sediments
Sonke J, Sivry Y, Viers J, Audry S, DeJonghe L, Andre L, Aggarwal J, Schafer J, Blanc G & Dupre B

(2006) Use of Cd and Zn isotopic variations in a sedimentary core to trace anthropogenic contamination
Sivry Y, Dupré B, Sonke J, Viers J, Audry S, Schäfer J, Blanc G & Riotte J

(2006) Seasonality of dissolved element fluxes in the Amazon River Endmember
Barroux G, Seyler P, Sonke J, Viers J, Boaventura G, Sondag F & Lagane C

(2004) Zinc Interaction with Diatom Cultures: New Insights from XAFS Study and Stable Isotope Fractionation
Gelabert A, Pokrovsky O, Pokrovski G, Viers J, Schott J & Boudou A

(2004) The Use of Zn Isotopes to Constrain the Biogeochemical Cycling of Metals in Watersheds
Viers J, Oliva P, Freydier R & Dupre B

(2004) New Insights on Metal Biogeochemistry in Tropical Environment: The Role of Vegetation in Metal Cycles at a Small Watershed Scale
Oliva P, Viers J, Dupre B, Gainville R, Ndam J & Freydier R

(2004) Zn Isotopic Composition of Fumarolic Gases from Merapi Volcano (Indonesia), Preliminary Results
Nonell A, Toutain J, Polve M, Munoz M, Viers J, Sortino F, Gainville R & Dupre B

(2004) Impact of a Phytoplanktonic Bloom on the Trace Element Concentrations of Amazonian Floodplain Lakes (Lago de Curuaï, Para, Brazil)
Barroux G, Viers J & Seyler P

(2004) Nd and Sr Isotopes, Trace and Major Elements Geochemistry of Neogene Sediments of Western Amazonia
Roddaz M, Viers J, Pinto L, Baby P, Brusset S & Hérail G

(2002) Study of Diatoms/Aqueous Solution Interface. II. Interaction of Trace Metals (Zn, Cu, Cd, Pb, Cr, Al) with Freshwater and Marine Diatoms
Pokrovsky O, Gelabert A, Viers J, Schott J & Boudou A

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