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All abstracts by Olivier Vidal in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Dynamic Modelling of the Raw Material and Energy Nexus
Vidal O, Francois C, Rostom F & Giraud G

(2017) Redox Transfer by Iron- and Sulfur-Bearing Serpentinite Dehydration in Subduction Zones
Merkulova M, Munoz M, Brunet F, Vidal O, Hattori K, Vantelon D, Trcera N & Huthwelker T

(2016) The Energy-Mineral Resources Nexus
Vidal O, Francois C, Rostom F & Giraud G

(2015) The Behavior of Fe and S during Serpentinite Dehydration
Merkulova M, Munoz M, Vidal O & Brunet F

(2011) From Compositional to P-T-Deformation-T(Relative Age)-Redox Maps at the Thin Section Scale
Vidal O, Lanari P, Dubacq B, Munoz M & Lewin E

(2011) Potential Products of Fluid-Rock Interactions in the Soultz-Sous-Forêts Enhanced Geothermal System
Fritz B, Baldeyrou-Bailly A & Vidal O

(2010) The Pyrophyllitic Substitution: Atomistic Investigation, Implications on the Stability of Micas and Clays, and Why Interlayer Water Matters
Dubacq B, Vidal O & Lewin E

(2004) Element Transfer during Shear Zone Development, Episyenitisation and Vein Formation. Insights from the Mont-Blanc Massif (French Alps)
Rossi M, Rolland Y & Vidal O

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