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All abstracts by Philip Verplanck in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Copper Isotopes in Surface- and Groundwater as Indicators of Hydrothermally Altered Crystalline Bedrock in Handcart Gulch, Colorado, USA
Wanty R, Manning A, Morrison J, Verplanck P, Caine J & Balistrieri L

(2014) Transport and Fate of Zinc in the Abandoned Mine District of Ingurtosu, Italy: A Mass- and Isotopic-Balance Approach
Wanty R, De Giudici G, Podda F, Verplanck P, Medas D, Cidu R, Lattanzi P & Kimball B

(2013) Niobium Mineralization in a Magnetite-Rich Carbonatite, Elk Creek, Nebraska (USA)
Blessington M, Kettler R, Verplanck P & Farmer L

(2012) Regional Evaluation of Catchment-Scale Weathering: Surface-Water Chemical Indicators of Lithology, and Mechanical and Biological Effects
Wanty R, Bern C, Verplanck P, Schmidt T, Todorov T, SanJuan C & Fey D

(2009) Simulation of Pre-Mining Metal Concentrations in Mine-Impacted Catchments: Redwell Basin, Colorado, USA
Kimball B, Runkel R, Wanty R & Verplanck P

(2005) Pre-Mining Ground-Water Quality at Molycorp's Questa Molybdenum Mine, Red River Valley, New Mexico
Nordstrom DK & Verplanck P

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