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All abstracts by Zsuzsanna Balogh-Brunstad in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Fungal Weathering of Micas in Spruce Forest Soils
Balogh-Brunstad Z & Smart KE

(2015) Mineral Surface Alterations in the Rhizosphere of Conifers
Smart K, Balogh-Brunstad Z, Wallander H & Stipp S

(2014) Mineral Weathering by Red Pine Seedlings Under Cation-Nutrient Stress in a Column Growth Experiment
Balogh-Brunstad Z, Shi Z, Greenberg K, Harsh J & Keller CK

(2014) Plant-Driven Mineral Weathering: Role of Rhizospheric Biofilms
Shi Z, Balogh-Brunstad Z, Harsh J & Keller K

(2012) Biotite Weathering in Watersheds of the Slavkov Forest, Czech Republic
Balogh-Brunstad Z, Saccone L, Smits MM, Berner C, Wallander H, McMaster T & Stipp SLS

(2012) Weathering in the Rhizosphere Analyzed with Transmission Electron Microscopy
Niedziela SM, Dohnalkova A, Greenberg KA, Arey BW, Balogh-Brunstad Z, Shi Z & Keller CK

(2012) Weathering at the Mineral-Fungus-Bacteria Interface Analyzed with Scanning Electron Microscopy and Helium Ion Microscopy
Greenberg KA, Balogh-Brunstad Z, Arey BW, Niedziela SM, Dohnalkova A, Shi Z & Keller CK

(2011) Geochemical and Ecological Models of Plant-Driven Chemical Weathering: Insights into the Sinks for Atmospheric CO2
Keller CK, O'Brien R, Balogh-Brunstad Z & Bormann B

(2011) Surface Characterization of Biotite from a Mesh Bag Field Study
Balogh-Brunstad Z, Saccone L, Smits MM, Berner C, Wallander H, McMaster TJ & Stipp SLS

(2011) The Scale Factor in the Ectomycorrhizal Fungal Weathering Debate
Smits M, Balogh-Brunstad Z, Saccone L, Wallander H & Colpaert J

(2011) Characterization of the Microbe-Biotite Interface on Field Samples from a Mine Site, Derome, Sweden
Negrich K, Balogh-Brunstad Z, Hassenkam T & Stipp SLS

(2010) Chemical Weathering and Chemical Denudation as Functions of Ecosystem Development: Mesoscale Experiments
Keller CK, Balogh-Brunstad Z, O'Brien R & Bormann B

(2010) Ectomycorrhizae-Mediated Biotite Weathering and K Uptake
Balogh-Brunstad Z & Keller CK

(2008) Decoupling of Plant-Driven Weathering from Leaching in the Critical Zone
Keller CK & Balogh-Brunstad Z

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