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All abstracts by Anne Verlaguet in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Lawsonite Formation and Fluid Redistribution within the Schistes Lustr├ęs, W. Alps
Lefeuvre B, Agard P, Verlaguet A & Dubacq B

(2018) Stepwise Brittle Deformation at 80 km Depth by Multiple-Source Fluid Circulation (Monviso Eclogitic Breccias, W. Alps)
Locatelli M, Verlaguet A, Agard P, Pettke T & Federico L

(2017) Spatio-Temporal Evolution of Fluid Composition with Increasing Deformation in the Vicinity of a Major Detachment Fault, Betic Cordillera (Spain)
Verlaguet A, Agard P, Nabyl Z, Bouat L & Jentzer M

(2012) Feedback Effects of Clay Minerals Formation on the Kinetics and Mechanisms of Olivine Carbonation within Tholeiitic Basalt
Sissmann O, Daval D, Martinez I, Brunet F, Verlaguet A, Pinquier Y & Guyot F

(2009) Grain Boundary Diffusion Rates Dependence Upon Water Activity in High Pressure Experiments
Gasc J, Brunet F, Corvisier J, Verlaguet A, Findling N & Lathe C

(2003) Effect of Temperature Variations on Mass Transfer in Fluid-Rich Metamorphic Systems: An Experimental Study
Verlaguet A, Goffe B, Brunet F & Fritz B

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