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All abstracts by Maxim D. Ballmer in conference series: Goldschmidt

Testing Geodynamic Models with Major Elements Geochemistry: Implications for Intraplate Volcanism
Manjón-Cabeza Córdoba A, Ballmer MD, Allison C & Gazel E

The Initial Condition for Long-Term Mantle Evolution of Rocky Planets
Ballmer MD, Spaargaren R, Mallik A, Bolrao D, Morison A & Nakajima M

The Formation and Preservation of Chemical Heterogeneities in the Lower Mantle
Gülcher A, Yan J, Ballmer M & Tackley P

Thermo-Compositional Evolution of the Primitive Mantle with Magma Oceans
Morison A, Bolrão D, Labrosse S, Agrusta R, Rozel A, Ballmer M, Deguen R, Alboussière T & Tackley P

(2018) Geodynamic-Petrological Modelling of Mantle Upwellings in the Eastern Atlantic: Sources vs. Porcesses
Manjón-Cabeza Córdoba A & Ballmer MD

(2017) Evolution of Whole-Mantle Plumes: Consequences for Hotspot Volcanism
Ballmer M, Duvernay T & O'Connor J

(2017) Persistence of Large-Scale Heterogeneity in the Earth’s Mantle
Ballmer M, Nakagawa T, Houser C, Hernlund J, Waszek L, Schmerr N, Wentzcovitch R, Ritsema J & Hirose K

(2017) A New Melting Parameterization for Geodynamic Modelling
Manjón-Cabeza Córdoba A & Ballmer MD

(2016) Intraplate Volcanism and Mantle Stratification Sustained by Upwelings Rising out of Stagnant Slabs
Motoki MH, Ballmer MD & Schmerr NC

(2016) Linking Magma-Ocean Crystallization and Compositional Heterogeneity within LLSVPs in the Deep Mantle
Ballmer MD

(2015) Crystallization of the Magma Ocean
Caracas R, Nomura R, Hirose K & Ballmer M

(2009) Small-Scale Sublithospheric Convection Reconciles Geochemistry and Geochronology of Intraplate Volcanoes in the W- and S-Pacific
Ballmer MD, Ito G, van Hunen J, Bianco TA & Tackley PJ

(2008) Some Geochemical Consequences of the Dynamics and Melting of a Veined Mantle
Ito G, Bianco T, Mahoney JJ, van Hunen J & Ballmer M

(2008) Geochemical Variations at a Ridge-Centered Hotspot Caused by Variable Melting of a Veined Mantle
Bianco T, Ito G, van Hunen J, Ballmer M & Mahoney J

(2007) Intraplate Volcanism due to Small-Scale Convection – A 3D-Numerical Study
Ballmer MD, van Hunen J & Tackley PJ

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