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All abstracts by Christian Ballhaus in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Carbonatites and Phonolites Linked by Mantle Derived Calcium in the Kaiserstuhl, Germany
Jentzsch C, Pakulla J, Spürgin S, Gäb FM, Lagos M, Wombacher F, Heuser A, Münker C & Ballhaus C

(2021) Metal Saturated Picrites from Noril'sk – Lunar Equivalents?
Ballhaus C, Fonseca ROC, Leitzke FP, Nagel T & El Goresy† A

(2020) Ultra-Reduced Phases in Ophiolites Cannot Come from Earth's Mantle
Ballhaus C, Helmy H, Fonseca ROC, Nagel T, Wirth R & Schreiber A

(2019) Arsenic, Te, Se and S Contents in Basaltic Melt at Arsenide, Telluride, Sulfide and Selenide Saturation: the Role of Metal Ligands and Implications for PGM Formation from Silicate Melts
Helmy H, Ballhaus C, Fonseca R & Leitzke F

(2019) Experimental Fossilisation of Fishes
Gäb F, Ballhaus C, Gerschermann S, Kral A, Menneken M & Stinnesbeck E

(2019) Nanostructure of Platinum Group Minerals in Ural-Alaskan-Type Intrusions: From Magmatic to Hydrothermal Environments
Pushkarev E, Ballhaus C, Wirth R, Gottman I, Kamenetsky V & Shreiber A

(2019) Pt-Re-Os Dating of the Pt-Alloys from the Kondyor Zoned Mafic-Ultramafic Complex (Far East Russia)
Luguet A, Nowell G, Pushkarev E, Ballhaus C, Wirth R & Schreiber A

(2017) The Behavior of Mineral Inclusions at a Reaction Interface
Baldwin L, Li C, Habler G, Ballhaus C & Abart R

(2017) Arsenic, Te and Se Solubility in Basaltic Melts: The Role of Metal Ligands
Helmy H, Ballhaus C, Fonseca R & Leitzke F

(2017) HSE and Stable Fe and V Isotope Systematics of Mafic Lavas from the Solomon Island Arc – A Complex Mantle History
Schuth S, Luguet A, Brügmann G, Ballahus C, Weyer S & Münker C

(2015) Implications for a Carbonated Peridotite Source for Intra-Continental Alkaline Mafic Lavas from the Siebengebirge Volcanic Field (Germany)
Baldwin LC, Tomaschek F, Gerdes A, Fonseca ROC & Ballhaus C

(2015) The Acidity of Hydrothermal Solutions on the Ocean Floor
Ballhaus C, Gäb F & Garbe-Schönberg D

(2015) Platinum-Group Elements Fractionation by Selective Complexing
Helmy H, Ballhaus C, Fonseca R, Bragagni A & Heuser A

(2015) Evidence of Crustal Recycling in the Troodos Ophiolite (Cyprus): Insights from B-Sr-Nd-Hf-Pb Isotopes
Fonseca R, Kirchenbaur M, Ballhaus C, Münker C, Gerdes A, Heuser A & Zirner A

(2015) Anorthositic Melts – Quenched Fluid?
Zirner A, Ballhaus C, Fonseca R & Botcharnikov R

(2013) Anorthosite Dikes from Cyprus: Phase Relations in the System CaAl2Si2O8 – CaMgSi2O6 – Mg2SiO4 at 5 Wt.% H2O
Zirner A, Ballhaus C, Münker C & Marien C

(2013) Tectonomagmatic Origin of the Late Jurassic Volcanism in the Patagonia Province, Argentina
Serrano L, Kamenetsky V, Marzoli A, Marquez M, Bellieni G, Bertrand H & Ballhaus C

(2013) The Olympic Dam Giant Ore Deposit – A Fossil Nuclear Reactor?
Kirchenbaur M, Ehrig K, Maas R, Kamenetsky V, Ballhaus C & Münker C

(2013) The Anthropogenic Contribution to Carbon Dioxide Dissolved in Seawater
Gäb F, Ballhaus C & Siemens J

(2013) Possible PGE Nano Structures, in Magmatic Systems
Kennedy B, Tredoux M, Ballhaus C, Coetsee E & Steyl G

(2013) Pre-Nucleation Clustering of Noble Metals in High-Temperature Magmatic Liquids
Helmy H, Ballhaus C, Fonseca R, Wirth R, Nagel T & Tredoux M

(2013) PGE-Au Potential of Sulphide-Saturated Melts from the Subcontinental Lithosphere
Kamenetsky V, Maas R, Fonseca R, Ballhaus C & Heuser A

(2011) PGE Complexes at Superliquidus Temperature: Embryos for Platinum-Group Minerals?
Helmy H, Ballhaus C, Wohlgemuth-Ueberwasser C, Wirth R & Tredoux M

(2011) Late Volatile Addition to Earth
Ballhaus C, Laurenz V, Fonseca ROC, Muenker C, Albarède F, Rohrbach A, Schmidt MW, Jochum KP, Stoll B, Weis U & Helmy H

(2011) The Great Volatile Delivery to Earth
Albarède F, Ballhaus C, Lee C-T, Yin Q-Z & Blichert-Toft J

(2011) The Effect of Sulfur on PGE Solubility in Silicate Melts
Laurenz V, Fonseca ROC, Ballhaus C, Jochum KP & Sylvester PJ

(2011) Possible Platinum Group Element (PGE) Clusters in Magmatic Systems; Using Synthetic Sulphide Melts
Kennedy B, Tredoux M, Ballhaus C, Helmy H, Swart H & Coetsee L

(2011) Siderite in Archaean Banded Iron Formations – A Sensor for CO2 Partial Pressures of Ancient Atmospheres?
Gäb F, Ballhaus C & Siemens J

(2011) Experimental Constraints on the Development of Os Isotopic Heterogeneity in the Earth’s Mantle
Fonseca ROC, Luguet A, Ballhaus C & Pohl F

(2009) Ir Partitioning between Chromite and Silicate Melt – The Influence of fO2
Laurenz V, Ballhaus C, O'Neill HSC, Wohlgemuth-Ueberwasser CC & Fonseca ROC

(2009) How Extensive is the Effect of Fe and S on the Solubility of PGE in Silicate Melts?
Fonseca R, Laurenz V, Ballhaus C & Sylvester P

(2009) Carbonate Stability in the Earth's Lower Mantle and Redox Melting Across the 660 km Discontinuity
Rohrbach A, Schmidt MW & Ballhaus C

(2009) Lead in the Core – The Petrologic Perspective
Ballhaus C & Münker C

(2008) PGE and Re Systematics of Arc Picrites from the Solomon Islands: The Effects of Mantle Wedge Depletion and Refertilisation
Schuth S, Brügmann G, Münker C & Ballhaus C

(2008) Enrichment of the PGE in Magmatic Sulfide Melt
Ballhaus C, Laurenz V & Fonseca R

(2008) Effect of fS2 on Pd Solubility in Silicate Melts – Implications for PGE Enrichment Processes in Sulfide Melts
Laurenz V, Fonseca ROC & Ballhaus C

(2007) Experimental Determination of the Iridium Solubility in Silicate Melts
Laurenz V, Wohlgemuth-Ueberwasser C & Ballhaus C

(2007) Influence of ƒO2 on the Precipitation of Fe-Poor Sulfide Minerals
Wohlgemuth-Ueberwasser CC, Ballhaus C & Berndt J

(2007) The Geochemical Behaviour of Pb during Core Formation and Accretion
Lagos M, Ballhaus C, Münker C & Berndt J

(2007) Metal Saturation in the Upper Mantle
Rohrbach A, Ballhaus C, Golla-Schindler U, Ulmer P & Schönbohm D

(2006) PGE-sulfide standard synthesis for LA-ICP-MS
Wohlgemuth-Ueberwasser CC, Ballhaus C, Meisel T & Berndt J

(2006) Ferric-ferrous iron ratios in upper mantle minerals
Rohrbach A, Ballhaus C, Golla-Schindler U & Ulmer P

(2006) Partitioning of Pb, Zn, Cd, Se, and Te during terrestrial core formation: no evidence for sulfide melts
Lagos M, Ballhaus C, Wohlgemuth-Ueberwasser C, Berndt J & Muenker C

(2006) Behaviour of Ir in chromite-saturated silicate melt - experiments and LA-ICP-MS analysis
Laurenz V, Wohlgemuth-Ueberwasser C, Berndt J & Ballhaus C

(2006) High precision Pb and Sr-Nd-Hf isotope constraints on mantle source variations along the Solomon arc
Schuth S, Münker C, König S, Basi S, Qopoto C & Ballhaus C

(2004) HF-Nd-Sr-Pb Isotope Evidence for Relict Indian Mantle beneath Pacific Crust at the Solomon Island Arc
Schuth S, Rohrbach A, Münker C & Ballhaus C

(2001) Experimental Fractionation of Magmatic Fe-Nu-Cu-Pge Sulfide Melts -- with Application to the Sudbury Igneous Complex
Ballhaus C, Tredoux M & Spaeth A

(2001) Flotation as a Key Process to Formation of Podiform Chromite Ores
Matveev S & Ballhaus C

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