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All abstracts by Wim van Westrenen in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) A New Constraint to Improve the Prediction of Zircon-Melt REE Partition Coefficients
Streicher LB, van Westrenen W, Hanchar JM & Brouwer FM

(2020) CO2 Content in high-K Melts: High-P/T Experiments on Melt Inclusions
Nikogosian I, Van Westrenen W, De Hoog C-J & Koornneef J

(2020) Equilibration Time of Fe and Zn Concentrations and Isotopes in High-Pressure-Temperature Metal-Silicate Partitioning Experiments
Seegers AX, Stelwagen RG, van Zuilen K, van Westrenen W & Vroon PZ

(2017) Phosphorus-in-Olivine: Experimental Constraints on Partitioning and Zoning
Ersoy Ö, Nikogosian IK, Mason PRD, Van Westrenen W & Van Bergen MJ

(2017) In situ Viscometry of Primitive Lunar Magmas at High Pressure and High Temperature
Rai N, Perrillat J-P, Mezouar M, Colin A, Petitgirard S & van Westrenen W

(2015) Apatite as a Tool for Understanding the Volatile Contents of Late-Stage Lunar Magmas
Potts NJ, van Westrenen W, Tartese R, Franchi IA, Barnes JJ & Anand M

(2013) Structural Change in Molten Basalt at Deep Mantle P-T Conditions
Sanloup C, Drewitt J, Dalladay-Simpson P, Morton D, Rai N, van Westrenen W, Konopkova Z & Morgenroth W

(2013) Calibration of the Raman Technique to Determine Water Contents in Lunar Silicate Glasses
Colin A, Davies G, Hooijschuur J-H, Nichols A, Rai N & van Westrenen W

(2012) Combining Experimental and Numerical Studies of Lunar Differentiation
van Westrenen W, de Vries J, van Kan Parker M, Tronche E, Rai N, van den Berg A, Sanloup C & Jacobs M

(2011) Constraints on the Formation of a Lunar Core from Metal-Silicate Partitioning of Siderophile Elements
Rai N & van Westrenen W

(2011) Origin of Earth’s Volatile Elements: Constraints from Rb Isotopes
Mezger K, Nebel O & vanWestrenen W

(2011) Compressibility Change in Fe-Rich Melt and Implications for Core Formation Models
Sanloup C, van Westrenen W, Dasgupta R, Maynard-Casely H & Perrillat J-P

(2010) Titanium Complexation in Cl- or F-Bearing High Pressure-Temperature Aqueous Fluids: New Results from ab Initio Molecular Dynamics
van Sijl J, Allan NL, Davies GR & van Westrenen W

(2010) Discrepancy between Geochemical and Dynamical Models of Moon Formation in a Giant Impact
van Westrenen W & de Meijer R

(2009) High-Precision HFSE Partitioning between Garnet, Amphibole, and Alkaline Melt, Kakanui, New Zealand
Fulmer EC, Nebel O & van Westrenen W

(2009) Titanium Complexation in Subduction Zone Fluids: Insights from ab Initio Molecular Dynamics
van Sijl J, Allan NL, Davies GR & van Westrenen W

(2008) Predicting Solid Metal – Molten Metal Element Partitioning Using Crystal Lattice Strain
Stewart AJ, van Westrenen W, Schmidt MW & Günther D

(2008) Underneath the Magma Ocean: Element Distribution between Calcium Silicate Perovskite and Sulphur-Bearing Iron Melts
van Westrenen W, Schmidt MW, Günther D & Stewart AJ

(2008) Towards Computer Simulation of Element Complexation in Subduction Zone Fluids
van Sijl J, Allan N, Pinilla C, Davies G & van Westrenen W

(2008) Insights into Trace-Element Mineral Melt Partitioning from Atomistic Simulation and ab Initio Theory
Pinilla C, Allan N, Blundy J & van Westrenen W

(2007) The Origin of Silica-Rich Kaapvaal Lithospheric Mantle
Davies G, Wasch L, van der Zwan F, Morel M, Nebel O, van Westrenen W, Pearson G & Hellebrand E

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