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All abstracts by Alexander van Geen in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Statistically Leveraging Spectroscopy to Link Sediment Properties and Groundwater Composition
Nghiem A, Stahl M, van Geen A & Bostick B

(2019) A City Built on a Mine: The Extent and Impacts of Residual Lead Contamination on Environmental Health in Kabwe, Zambia
Filippelli G, Wood L, Levy J, Hay MC, Mutiti S, Ericson B, van Geen A & Landes F

(2019) Groundwater and Aquifer Sand Concentrations of Arsenic along the Ravi River in Punjab, Pakistan
Mushtaq N, Farooqi A, Khattak J, Hussain I, Mailloux B, Ellis T & van Geen A

(2019) Extensive Cryptic Sulfur Cycling Affecting Arsenic Levels in Van Phuc, Vietnam
Bostick B, Nghiem A, Stahl M, Harvey C & van Geen L

(2018) Fluoride Distribution in Aquifers of the Indus Basin, Punjab, Pakistan
Ali Khattak J, Farooqi A, Hussain I, Mailloux B, Ellis T & van Geen A

(2017) A Comparison of Arsenic Retardation in Reduced Holocene Sediment and Oxidized Pleistocene Sediment
Mozumder MRH, Bostick BC, Islam MA, Choudhury I, Ahmed KM, Ellis T, Mailloux B & Van Geen A

(2017) Developing and Deploying a Field kit for Lead in Soils in NYC and Peru
Landes F, Ponce-Canchihuamán JC, Inauen J, Markowski K, Ellis T & van Geen A

(2016) Enhanced ENSO Variability during the Little Ice Age Based on Mg/Ca in Individual Planktonic Foraminifera
Marchitto T, Fehrenbacher J, Spero H & van Geen L

(2016) Blanket Testing of Wells for Arsenic and Fluoride and a Response Survey Conducted SW of Lahore, Pakistan
Farooqi A, Mushtaq N, Hussain I, Ali khattak J & van Geen A

(2016) Sewage Waste Implicated as a Predominant Microbial Carbon Source Mediating Arsenic Release in Bangladesh Aquifers Through PLFA Δ14C, Sterol Fecal Biomarkers and Cl/Br Ratios
Whaley-Martin K, Mailloux B, van Geen A, Bostick B, Ahmed KM, Choudhury I & Slater G

(2015) Young High-Arsenic Groundwater Confirmed to 250 M Depth Across the India-Bangladesh Border
van Geen A, Khan MR, Nath B, Huhmann B, Choudhury I, Chakraborty M, Harvey C, Michael H, Bostick B, Mailloux B, Schlosser P, Mukherjee A & Ahmed KM

(2014) Examination of Carbon Sources Stimulating Microbially Mediated Arsenic Release in Bangladesh Aquifers
Whaley-Martin K, Mailloux B, Silvern R, Kim C, Bostick B, van Geen A, Ahmed K, Choudhury M & Slater G

(2014) Geomorphic Controls on Groundwater Arsenic Concentrations in Aquifers Perturbed by Large Scale Pumping
Stahl M, Harvey C, van Geen A & Bostick B

(2014) A Weathering Index to Delineate the Boundary between Low and High Arsenic Aquifer Sediments
Mozumder R, Bostick B, Mihajlov I, Choudhury I, Ahmed K, Mailloux B & van Geen A

(2014) Seasonal and Interannual Ocean Temperature Reconstruction Using Mg/Ca Measurements on Individual Planktic Foraminifera
Marchitto T, Grist H & van Geen A

(2013) Mapping Lead Contamination of Soil Due to Mining in Peru
Kragie SX & van Geen A

(2013) Kinetics of Arsenic Sorption on Aquifer Sediment from Bangladesh Imaged by XRF Microprobe in Flowing Columns
Mihajlov I, Bostick BC, Stute M, Choudhury I, Ahmed KM & van Geen A

(2012) Radiocarbon Analysis of Microbial DNA and PLFA from Arsenic Impacted Aquifers in Bangladesh
Mailloux B, Trembath-Reichert E, Cheung J, Watson M, Dochenetz A, Stute M, Freyer G, Ferguson A, Ahmed KM, Alam M,J, Buchholz B, Slater G, Ziolowski L, Thomas J, Layton A, Zheng Y & van Geen A

(2012) Residence Times of the Upper Low-Arsenic Aquifers in Bangladesh at the Onset of Increased Abstraction
Stute M, Mihajlov I, Schlosser P, Ahmed KM & van Geen A

(2012) The Role of Changing Abstraction Patterns in the Contamination of a Low-Arsenic Aquifer in Bangladesh
Mihajlov I, Stute M, Bostick BC, Choudhury I, Ahmed KM & van Geen A

(2011) Low Latitude Surface Ocean Contribution to the Deglacial Atmospheric Radiocarbon Decline
Marchitto T, Lehman S, Lindsay C, Bryan S, Ortiz J & van Geen A

(2010) Column Experiments with Orange Bangladesh Sediments to Quantify Retardation in Low As Aquifers
Mihajlov I, Zheng Y, Stute M, Radloff KA, Ahmed KM & van Geen A

(2010) Evaluating Arsenic Adsorption in a Low Arsenic Aquifer in Bangladesh Using in situ and Laboratory Methods
Radloff K, Zheng Y, Michael H, Stute M, Mihajlov I, Ahmed KM & van Geen A

(2009) How As Mitigation in Bangladesh can be Hampered by Other Factors, Some Geogenic (Mn, P), Others not
van Geen A & Ahmed KM

(2009) Expansion of the Northeast Pacific Oxygen-Minimum Zone Since 1995? Sediment N-Isotope Evidence from Soledad Basin, Baja California
van Geen A, Thunell R, Carriquiry J, Mey J, Crusius J, Zhao M, Baumgartner T, Fereira V & Gaxiola G

(2009) Effect of Groundwater Flow on Dissolved As in a Bangladesh Aquifer
Radloff K, Zheng Y, Stute M, Ahmed KM, Schlosser P & van Geen A

(2006) The ocean's great deglacial CO2 release: Evidence from deep sea CaCO3 preservation and intermediate water 14C activity
Marchitto T, Lehman S, Ortiz J & Van Geen A

(2000) Hydrogeochemical Study of Arsenic Contamination in Bangladesh Groundwater – The Role of Redox Condition
Gavrieli I, Zheng Y, Van Geen A, Stute M, Dhar R, Ahmed KM, Simpson J & Goldstein SL

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