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All abstracts by Pauline van Gaans in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2011) The Leaching of Arsenic and Heavy Metals from Pyrite Slags Depots in the Upper Banks Under Conditions of Highly Dynamic Groundwater-Surfacewater Interaction
Hartog N, van Gaans P, Vermeulen K-J & Jansen M

(2011) A Geochemical Reference (Baseline) for the Natural Geogenic Variation in Pb Isotope Ratios in Sedimentary Soils
van Gaans P, Walraven N, van der Veer G, Vriend S, van Os B & Klaver G

(2011) SoilTrEC: An International Consortium to Assess Soil Processes and Functions Using a Global Network of Critical Zone Observatories
Menon M, Chabaux F, Lundin L, Novak M, Brandao M, Nikolaidis N, Panagos P, van Gaans P, Kram P, Blum W, deRuiter P, Bernasconi S, Rousseva S, White T, Ragnarsd├│ttir KV, van Riemdijk W, Banwart S, Reynolds B & Lair G

(2003) Geochemical Map of Zeeland, South-West Netherlands
van Gaans P, Spijker J & van Os B

(2003) On the Nature of Variation in Geochemical Soil Survey Data
van der Veer G, van Gaans P & Klaver G

(2003) Sequential Factor Analysis as an Alternative Approach to Standard Factor Analysis
Van Helvoort P & Van Gaans P

(2003) Tracing Geochemical Processes and Pollution in Groundwater
Vissers M, van Gaans P & Vriend S

(2002) Geochemical Mapping of Soils for Natural Background and Diffuse Contamination Patterns
Spijker J, Vriend S & van Gaans P

(2002) How to Assess Controls of Al in Acidified Soil Solution
van Gaans PFM

(2001) Feldspar Weathering as the Key to Understanding Soil Acidity Monitoring Data
Mol G, Vriend SP & van Gaans PFM

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