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All abstracts by Bart van Dongen in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) High Resolution Profile of Surface Water Incursion into an Arsenic-Bearing Aquifer in Cambodia
Richards L, van Dongen B, Magnone D, Sovann C, Ballentine C & Polya D

(2014) Terrestrial Organic Carbon and Biomarker Export from East Siberian Permafrost to the Arctic Ocean
Sparkes R, Doğrul Selver A, Bischoff J, Gustafsson Ö, Semiletov I, Dudarev O, Talbot H & van Dongen B

(2014) Terrestrial Microbial Biomarkers Trace Organic Matter Transport to the Arctic Ocean
Bischoff J, Sparkes R, Doğrul Selver A, Gustafsson Ö, Vonk J, Spencer R, Semiletov I, Dudarev O, van Dongen B & Talbot H

(2011) Synchrotron Rapid Scanning X-Ray Fluorescence of Soft-Tissue Fossils
Edwards N, Barden H, Manning P, Sellers W, van Dongen B, Bergmann U & Wogelius R

(2009) Comparison of Long- and Short-Term Terrestrial Carbon Isotopic Records of the Palaeogene
Pancost R, Handley L, van Dongen B, Pearson P & Schouten S

(2007) 14C Lipid Biomarker Ages in Surface Sediments off the Five Great Russian Arctic Rivers
van Dongen B, Semiletov I & Gustafsson O

(2000) Carbon Isotopic Variability between Carbohydrates and Lipids within a Single Organism: An Explanation of the Enriched *13CTOC Values in the Kimmeridge Clay Formation
van Dongen BE, Pancost RD, Schouten S & Sinninghe Damsté JS

(2000) Compound-Specific Stable Carbon Isotopes: The Effect of Biosynthetic Pathways
Schouten S, Özdirekcan S, van Dongen BE, van der Meer MT & Sinninghe Damsté JS

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