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All abstracts by Enikö Bali in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Constraining P-T-X-T Paths of Magma Storage and Migration in the Snæfellsnes Volcanic Belt (SVB), W-Iceland
Kahl M, Bali E, Guðfinnsson GH & Neave DA

(2019) Geochemical Characterization of Subglacial Pillow Lavas from Vicinity and the Base of the Bárðarbunga Volcano
Repczyńska MM, Halldórsson SA, Bali E, Anczkiewicz R, Sala D, Matyszczak M, Einarsson P, Hjartardóttir ÁR & Koleszar MT

(2019) Alkaline Melt and Fluid Metasomatism in the Lithospheric Mantle Below the Styrian Basin
Aradi LE, Bali E, Berkesi M, Zanetti A & Szabó C

(2019) Petrological Evidence for Magma Supply from Multiple Reservoirs during the 1975-1984 Krafla Fires, NE Iceland
Carroll K, Halldórsson S, Bali E & Grönvold K

(2018) Origin of Volatile-Enriched Basalts of the Kverkfjöll Volcanic System, Iceland
Ranta E, Halldórsson S, Guðfinnsson G, Bali E, Nykänen V, Grönvold K & Kaikkonen R

(2018) Isotopic Constrains on the Origin of Sulfur in the Icelandic Oceanic Crust and Hotspot
Stefansson A, Halldorsson SA, Ono S, Whitehouse MJ, Bali E, Kleine BI & Gunnarsson-Robin J

(2016) Environmental Pressure from the 2014-15 Eruption of the Bardarbunga Volcano, Iceland
Gislason S, Eiriksdottir E, Galeczka I, Stefánsdóttir G, Pfeffer M, Barsotti S, Johannsson T, Bali E, Sigmarsson O, Stefansson A, Keller N, Sigurdsson A & Gudmundsson M

(2015) Environmental Pressure from the 2014–15 Eruption of Bárðarbunga Volcano, Iceland
Gislason S, Stefansdottir G, Pfeffer M, Barsotti S, Jóhannsson T, Galeczka I, Bali E, Sigmarsson O, Stefansson A, Keller N, Sigurdsson A, Bergsson B, Galle B, Jacobo V, Arellano S, Aiuppa A, Eiriksdottir E, Jakobsson S, Gunnarsson H & Gudmundsson M

(2009) Mobility of U and Th in Suduction Zone Fluids – A Synthetic Fluid Inclusion Study
Bali E, Audetat A & Keppler H

(2007) Synthetic Fluid Inclusions in Rutile: A New Technique to Study Mantle Fluids
Bali E & Audetat A

(2007) Melt/wallrock Interaction Shown by Silicate Melt Inclusions in Peridotite Xenoliths from Pannonian Basin
Hidas K, Szabó C, Guzmics T, Bali E, Zajacz Z & Kovács I

(2007) Pressure and Temperature Dependence of Water Solubility in Forsterite: Implications for the Activity of Water in the Earth`s Mantle
Bolfan-Casanova N, Bali E & Koga K

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