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All abstracts by Derek Vance in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) δ26Mg of Recent Dolomites – Dohat Faishakh Sabkha, Qatar
Shalev N, Bontognali TRR & Vance D

(2019) Iron Cycling in the Upper Southern Ocean – Insights from Fe Isotopes
Sieber M, Conway T, De Souza G, Ellwood M & Vance D

(2019) Influence of Seasonal Variability on Zn Cycling in OGCMs with Different Spatial Resolutions
Eisenring C, de Souza G, Khatiwala S & Vance D

(2019) Behavior of Beryllium in the Weathering Environment and its Delivery to the Oceans
Suhrhoff TJ, Rickli J, Crocket K, Bura-Nakic E & Vance D

(2019) Trace Element Cycling in the North Atlantic
Lemaitre N, Planquette H, Dehairs F, Planchon F, Sarthou G, Lherminier P & Vance D

(2019) Iron Sources and Cycling in the Peruvian Oxygen Minimum Zone Assessed Using Iron Isotopes
Rapp I, Sieber M, Scholz F, Hopwood M, Conway T, Xie RC, Frank M, Vance D & Achterberg EP

(2019) Biogeochemical Behaviour of Cd and Zn in Eastern-Boundary OMZs
de Souza G, Sieber M, Conway T & Vance D

(2019) Uranium Isotope Constraints on Ocean De-Oxygenation during the PETM
Clarkson M, Bagard M-L, Dickson A, Vance D & Lenton T

(2019) Understanding Molybdenum and Uranium Isotope Systematics in Continental Margin Sediments
He Z, Clarkson M, Andersen M, Archer C, Huang F & Vance D

(2019) Improved Ion-Exchange Procedures for Multiple Transition Metal Isotope Proxy Studies
Sun M, Archer C, Vance D & Shen Y

(2019) The Output of Nickel from the Ocean to Reducing Sediments
Chatterjee A, Ciscato ER, Little SH, Severmann S, Mcmanus J & Vance D

(2019) Ni and d60Ni Controls by Colloidal Complexation and Secondary Oxide Precipitation: New Insights from the Amazon Basin
Revels B, Rickli J, Moura C & Vance D

(2018) The Cycling of Zn and Cd Isotopes in Multiple Sectors of the Southern Ocean from the Antarctic Circumnavigation Expedition
Sieber M, Conway T, de Souza G, Ellwood M & Vance D

(2018) Zinc and Nickel Isotopes in the North Atlantic Ocean (GA01 Transect)
Lemaitre N, Archer C, Wang R-M, Planquette H, Cheize M, Boutorh J, Menzel Barraqueta J-L, Shelley R & Vance D

(2018) Reducing the Role of Contaminant Phases for Metal Isotopes in Carbonates
Clarkson M, Müsing K, Andersen M & Vance D

(2018) Ni Isotope Fractionation Associated with Phytoplankton Uptake in the Sth. Atlantic Ocean – Is it Significant?
Archer C, Vance D & Lohan M

(2018) Metal Isotope Signatures in Mn-Rich Pelagic Sediments: Implications for Oceanic Budgets
Little S, Chatterjee A, Ciscato E, McManus J & Vance D

(2018) The Role of Ridge-Flank (Low-T) Hydrothermal Circulation in the Oceanic Mg Budget – Mg Isotope Constraints
Shalev N, Wheat CG & Vance D

(2017) Experimental Confirmation of Isotope Fractionation in Thiomolybdates Using Ion Chromatographic Separation and Detection by Multi-Collector ICP-MS
Kerl CF, Lohmayer R, Bura-Nakic E, Vance D & Planer-Friedrich B

(2017) Incorporation and Preservation Potential of Boron Isotope Signals in Cold-Water Octocorals
Gutjahr M, Fietzke J, Rae JWB, Foster GL, Vance D, Hillenbrand C-D, Hoffmann DL & Kuhn G

(2017) An Experimental Study of Reductive Cleaning Procedures for Investigating Metal Isotopes in Ancient Carbonates
Müsing KD, He Z, Clarkson MO & Vance D

(2017) Phase Partitioning of Transition Metals and their Isotopes in the Particulate Load of the Amazon River
Revels B, Rickli J, Moura C & Vance D

(2017) Tracking Seawater Chemistry over the Last 3.2Ga: A Ni Stable Isotope Perspective
Ciscato ER, Vance D, Bontognali TRR & Poulton SW

(2017) Intensification of Antarctic Ocean Stratification at the End of the Mid-Pleistocene Transition
Hasenfratz AP, Jaccard SL, Martinez-Garcia A, Hodell DA, Vance D, Bernasconi S, Kleiven H(F, Sigman DM & Haug GH

(2017) Negligible Ni Isotope Fractionation Associated with Phytoplankton Uptake in the South Atlantic Ocean
Archer C, Vance D & Lohan M

(2017) The Role of Southern Ocean Processes in Controlling the Distribution of Cd Isotopes at Lower Latitudes in the South West Pacific
Sieber M, Conway T, Takano S, Sohrin Y & Vance D

(2017) Chemistry, not Biology, is the Main Control on Modern Ocean Transition Metal Isotope Budgets
Vance D, Archer C, Little S, Köbberich M, de Souza G & Ciscato E

(2017) First Zn Stable Isotope Results on Cultured Marine Cyanobacteria
Köbberich M & Vance D

(2017) Variations of Zinc and Nickel Isotopes in a Natural Iron Fertilized Region Around Kerguelen Island, Southern Ocean
Wang R-M, Archer C, Bowie AR & Vance D

(2016) Uranium and Mo Isotopes Record a Slowdown of the E. Mediterranean Overturning during the Last Interglacial Period (~125 ky)
Andersen MB, Matthews A, Vance D, Bar-Matthews M & Archer C

(2016) Phase-Specific Geochemistry of Trace Metals: Development of a Novel Biosignature
Ciscato ER, Vance D, Bontognali TRR & Poulton SW

(2016) Ligand Control on Zn Isotope Signatures of Marine Phytoplankton
Köbberich M & Vance D

(2016) Zinc and Nickel Isotope Systematics in the South Atlantic Ocean
Archer C, Vance D & Lohan M

(2016) The Role of the Polar Oceans in Controlling the Distribution of Cd Isotopes at Lower Latitudes in the South West Pacific
Sieber M, Conway TM, Takano S, Sohrin Y & Vance D

(2016) Studying High-Latitude Silicon Cycling in the Sea Using Si Stable Isotopes
de Souza G, Maden C, Wetzel F, Carter B, Obata H & Vance D

(2016) Trace Metal and Iron Isotope Cycling in the Meromictic Lake Cadagno
Hassler C, Vance D, Moisset S, Pascal L & Ellwood M

(2016) Rapid-Throughput MC-ICPMS Techniques for Analysis of Multiple Transition Metal Isotope Ratios in Seawater, and Case Studies from Recent GEOTRACES Cruises
Conway TM, Archer C, Rosenberg AD, Adkins JF, John SG & Vance D

(2016) Distribution of the Dissolved Load of Transition Metals and their Isotopes in the Amaon River
Revels B, Rickli J, Moura C & Vance D

(2016) The Continent-Ocean Flux of Transition Metals and their Isotopes
Vance D

(2015) Molybdenum and Uranium Isotopes in a Euxinic Lake
Bura Nakic E, Andersen MB, Archer C & Vance D

(2015) Constraints on the Incongruent Weathering of Hf Isotopes in the Leverett and Russell Catchments, West Greenland
Rickli J, Hindshaw R, Leuthold J, Burton K & Vance D

(2015) Organic-Bound Trace Metals and Geosphere-Biosphere Co-evolution: Development of a Novel Biosignature
Ciscato ER, Vance D, Bontognali TRR, Little SH & Poulton SW

(2015) Coupled Organic & Inorganic Tracers of Particle Flux Processes in the Western Arctic Ocean
Schwab M, Rickli J, Blusztajn J, Manganini S, Harvey R, Vance D, McIntyre C & Eglinton T

(2015) Evolution of Export Production, SST and Seawater δ18O in the Antarctic Southern Ocean Across the MPT
Hasenfratz AP, Martinez-Garcia A, Jaccard SL, Hodell DA, Vance D, Bernasconi S, Greaves M, Kleiven HF & Haug GH

(2015) Mineralogy and Geochemistry of the Bikoula Banded Iron Formations in the Ntem Complex, Southern Cameroon
Teutsong T, Bontognali T, Ndjigui P-D, Vrijmoed J, Teagle D & Vance D

(2015) Particulate Riverine Inputs of Metals and their Isotopes to the Oceans
Revels B, Rickli J & Vance D

(2015) Iron Limited Diatoms do not Fractionate Zinc Isotopes: Culturing Evidence
Köbberich M, Ritscher A, Cox AD & Vance D

(2015) Particulate Metal Stable Isotopes in the South Atlantic
Little S, Vance D & Milne A

(2015) The Oceanic Biogeochemical Cycle of Zinc and its Isotopes: The Dominance of Diatoms and the Southern Ocean
Vance D, Little S, De Souza G, Köbberich M, Zhao Y, Cullen J & Lohan M

(2014) Modelling Reactive Iron Species as a Proxy for the Spatial Distribution and Intensity of Ocean De-Oxygenation Events in an Earth System Model
Death R, Ridgwell A, Arndt S, Monteiro F, Sherman D & Vance D

(2013) Nickel Isotopic Composition of Modern Seawater and Rivers
Cameron V & Vance D

(2013) Boundary Addition of Hf and Nd in the Southern Ocean
Rickli J, Gutjahr M, Vance D, Hillenbrand C-D, Kuhn G & Fischer-Gödde M

(2013) Uranium Isotopes in Anoxic Sediments
Andersen M, Vance D, Little S, Herdsman R, Matthews A, Lyons T & Romaniello S

(2013) Calculation of Mass (Im-)balance in the Oceanic Cycling of Cu and Zn Isotopes
Little S, Vance D, Lyons T & McManus J

(2013) The Oceanic Cycles of the Transition Metals and their Isotopes
Vance D, Cameron V, Little S & Archer C

(2013) Higher Oxygenation Level after Sturtian Glaciation Meltdown Despite Varying Local Redox in Nanhua Basin
Ling H-F, Chen X, Li D, Shields G, Vance D & Och L

(2013) Surface Ocean δ11B-pH Reconstructions and Insights into the Ocean-Atmosphere Carbon Exchange during the Last Deglaciation
Martínez-Botí MA, Marino G, Foster GL, Ziveri P, Henehan MJ, Mortyn PG & Vance D

(2013) Zinc Isotopes as a Tool to Study Zinc Uptake by Marine Phytoplankton
Köbberich M, Cox A & Vance D

(2013) Interpreting Molybdenum Isotopes as a Proxy for the Spatial Distribution and Intensity of Ocean De-Oxygenation Events in an Earth System Model
Death R, Ridgwell A, Arndt S, Monteiro F, Sherman D & Vance D

(2013) Mo Isotope Signature of OAE 2
Westermann S, Vance D, Cameron V, Archer C & Robinson S

(2012) The Isotopic Mass Balance of Zinc in the Oceans
Little S, Vance D, Sherman D & Lyons T

(2012) Isotopic Tracers of Metal Cycling in the Oceans and Sediments
Vance D, Little S, Cameron V, Sherman D, Westermann S, Matthews A & Lyons T

(2012) Controls on Mo Isotope Fractionations
Goldberg T, Poulton S, Archer C, Vance D & Thamdrup B

(2012) Fluctuations in Ocean Anoxia: Evidence from Cretaceous OAEs
Westermann S, Vance D, Archer C & Robinson S

(2012) Zinc Isotopic Data from the NE Pacific Reveals Shallow Recycling
Vance D, Zhao Y, Cullen J & Lohan M

(2011) Redox Evolution of the Late Neoproterozoic to Early Cambrian Ocean on Yangtze Platform, China
Chen X, Vance D, Ling H, Archer C, Shields G & Och L

(2011) Abiotic and Biotic Control of the δ65Cu and δ66Zn Composition of Seawater
Little S, Vance D & Sherman D

(2011) Causes and Consequences of Isotopically Heavy Dissolved Molybdenum in Rivers
Vance D, Keech A, Matthews A & Archer C

(2011) Low Molybdenum Isotope Compositions in Euxinic Sapropel S1
Azrieli I, Matthews A, Bar-Matthews M, Almogi-Labin A, Vance D, Archer C & Teutsch N

(2011) Testing the 'Post-Glacial Weathering Peak' Hypothesis – A Lacustrine Record of 87Sr/86Sr
Keech AR, Vance D, Archer C & Lund SP

(2011) The Relase of Hf Isotopes during Weathering
Rickli J, Keech A, Archer C & Vance D

(2011) Nickel Isotopes, BIFs and the Archean Oceans
Cameron V, Vance D & Poulton S

(2011) Mo Isotope Signature of OAE 1a: New Insights from the Western Tethys
Westermann S, Vance D, Archer C & Robinson S

(2011) Lack of a Late Deglacial Carbonate Compensation Signal in the Intermediate Depth Amundsen Sea
Gutjahr M, Vance D, Rae JWB, Foster GL, Hillenbrand C-D & Kuhn G

(2011) Surface δ11B-pH Reconstructions and Insights into the Dynamics of the Oceanic Carbonate System during the Last Deglaciation
Martínez-Botí MA, Foster GL & Vance D

(2011) Zinc Isotopes in the Southern Ocean – A Tracer of Biogeochemical Cycling ?
Zhao Y, Vance D & Abouchami W

(2011) U-Series Disequilibria during Soil Weathering
Andersen MB, Vance D, Keech AR, Rickli J & Hudson G

(2010) Copper Isotope Fractionation in Seawater: The Role of Scavenging by Ferromanganese Crusts
Little S, Vance D, Sherman D & Hein J

(2010) Isotopic Fractionation of Mo, Cu and Zn during Weathering: The Record from Soils and Rivers
Keech AR, Vance D, Archer C, Foster GL, Hudson G & Blum JD

(2009) Validating the Use of Scleraxonian Southern Ocean Deep-Sea Corals for Radiocarbon Ventilation Age Dating
Gutjahr M, Vance D, Hoffmann D, Hillenbrand C-D & Kuhn G

(2009) Controls on Mo Isotope Fractionations in Modern Anoxic Marine Sediments – A Key to Paleoredox Research
Goldberg T, Poulton S, Archer C, Vance D & Thamdrup B

(2009) Mo Isotope Proxy for Ancient Anoxia: Insights from a Modern Anoxic Basin
Archer C, Vance D, Goldberg T, Poulton S, Thamdrup B & Acuna G

(2009) Trace Metal Proxies for Ancient Oceanic Anoxia: Perspectives from Modern Biogeochemical Cycles
Vance D, Archer C, Goldberg T & Poulton S

(2009) The Zn Isotopic Composition of Diatom Frustules, a Proxy for Zn Availability in Ocean Surface Seawater
Andersen MB, Vance D, Archer C, Ellwood M, Allen C, Hellenbrand CD & Anderson RF

(2009) Chemical Weathering Rates in an Icehouse World: Insights from the Isotopic Record in Soils
Keech AR, Vance D, Archer C, Foster GL & Blum JD

(2009) Deep Water Production in the GIN Seas: The Nd Record from Feni Drift
Crocket K, Gutjahr M, Foster G, Richards D, Vance D & Tranter M

(2008) Transition Metal Isotopes in Rivers and the Weathering Environment
Archer C & Vance D

(2008) Antarctic Circumpolar Current Nd Isotope Variability Recorded in Amundsen Sea Deep Sea Corals
Hoffmann DL, Gutjahr M, Vance D & Hillenbrand C-D

(2008) The Marine Pb Isotope Response to Ice Sheet Growth and Decay
Crocket KC, Foster GL, Richards DA, Vance D, Tranter M & Wadham JL

(2008) Quaternary Weathering Rates and Marine Geochemical Budgets
Vance D, Teagle D & Foster G

(2008) Neodymium Boundary Exchange in Two North East Atlantic Water Profiles
Carter P, Vance D & Schmidt D

(2008) 143Nd/144Nd and 87Sr/86Sr Ratios in Speleothems from Israel as Tracers for Dust Provenance in the Eastern Mediterranean, and NE Sahara
Bar-Matthews M, Gutjahr M, Vance D, Vaks A & Hawkesworth C

(2008) Modeling Oxygen Isotopes in the Mediterranean
Osborne A, Valdes P & Vance D

(2008) Towards a Mechanistic Understanding of Mo Isotope Fractionations
Goldberg T, Archer C, Vance D & Poulton S

(2008) The Zn Isotopic Composition of Diatom Frustules: An Archive of Past Trace Metal Depletion in HNLC Zones?
Andersen MB, Vance D, Archer C, Ellwood M, Hillenbrand C-D, Allen C & Anderson R

(2007) Nickel Stable Isotopes as Biogeochemical Tracers
Cameron V, Vance D, Archer C & House C

(2007) Benthic Foraminifera as a Novel Substrate for Deep-Water Nd Isotopes
Carter P, Vance D & Schmidt D

(2007) Nd Isotope Records of the Deep South Atlantic and the Intepretation of Neogene δ13C Gradients
Klevenz V, Vance D, Schmidt D & Mezger K

(2007) Pb Isotopes and Glacial/Interglacial Weathering Intensity
Crocket K, Richards D, Foster G & Vance D

(2007) The Mo Isotopic Composition of Rivers Suggests Complete Euxinia in the Proterozoic Ocean
Archer C & Vance D

(2007) The Consequence of Quaternary Changes in Chemical Weathering Rate for Ocean Chemistry
Vance D, Foster G & Teagle D

(2007) Breaching the North African Watershed: Driver for Mediterranean Anoxia?
Osborne A, Vance D & Rohling E

(2006) Zn isotopes as a new tracer of metal micronutrient usage in the oceans
Vance D, Archer C, Bermin J, Kennaway G, Cox E, Statham P, Lohan M & Ellwood M

(2006) Bioavailability of Mo in the Palaeoproterozoic ocean
Archer C, Poulton S, Vance D, Johnston D & Canfield D

(2004) Transition Metal Isotope Fractionation on Metal Sulfide Precipitation
Butler I, Archer C, Ehrlich S, Vance D, Matthews A & Rickard D

(2004) Combined High Precision Cu, Zn and Fe Isotopes in Mice Brains
Büchl A, Archer C, Brown D, Hawkesworth C, Leighton E, Ragnarsdottir K & Vance D

(2004) Abiotic Zn Isotope Fractionations Associated with ZnS Precipitation
Archer C, Vance D & Butler I

(2004) A Technique for the Separation and Isotopic Analysis of Fe and Zn in Seawater
Bermin J, Vance D & Statham P

(2003) Fe Isotope Fractionation during Fe(II) Monosulfide Precipitation from Aqueous Solutions at pH 8 and Ambient Temperatures
Butler I, Archer C, Rickard D, Vance D & Oldroyd A

(2002) Isotopic Constraints on the Origin of Heinrich Event Precursors
Vance D

(2002) Large Fractionations in Fe, Cu and Zn Isotopes Associated with Archean Microbially-Mediated Sulphides
Archer C & Vance D

(2002) Nd Data for the Nile, Eastern Mediterranean and Forams Document Nile Outflow Increases during S1 and S5
Scrivner AE, Vance D & Rohling EJ

(2002) Nd in Sedimentary Planktic Foraminifera Located in a Phase that Records the Nd Isotopic Composition of Surface Seawater
Beney P, Vance D, Staubwasser M, Henderson G & Slowey N

(2002) Accuracy and Long-Term Precision of MC-ICP-MS Isotope Ratios
Thirlwall MF, Anczkiewicz R, Vance D & Munday D

(2000) Neodymium in Sedimentary Foraminifera Records the Isotopic Composition of Surface Seawater
Vance D, Henderson GM, Burton KW & Slowey NC

(2000) Precise and Accurate Neodymium Isotopic Analysis of Sub-5ng Samples by MC-ICPMS
Vance D & Thirwall M

(2000) Fluid Control on Crustal Melting during Orogenesis
Harris N, Prince C & Vance D

(2000) The Significance of Monazite U-Th-Pb Age Data in Metamorphic Assemblages: A Combined Chemical and Isotopic Study
Foster G, Vance D, Kinny P, Prince C & Harris N

(2000) Cosmogenic Isotope Measurements of Erosion Rates in the Himalayas
Vance D, Bickle MJ, Ivy-Ochs S & Kubik PW

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