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All abstracts by Eugenia Valsami-Jones in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Stability and Dissolution of Copper Oxide Nanoparticles in a Range of Biological and Environmental Media
Misra SK, Dybowska A & Valsami-Jones E

(2014) Mineral Reactivity: What Have We Learned in the Past 10 Years
Valsami-Jones E

(2013) Stable Isotope Tracing of Manufactured Nanoparticles
Rehkämper M, Laycock A, Larner F, Dybowska A, Dogra Y, Stolpe B, Diez Ortiz M, Lead J, Svendsen C, Valsami-Jones E, Tyler C & Galloway T

(2013) Low Concentration Soil Exposure to ZnO Nanoparticles by Stable Isotope Labeling
Laycock A, Diez Ortiz M, Larner F, Dybowska A, Valsami-Jones E, Svendsen C & Rehkämper M

(2012) Stable Isotope Tracing of ZnO Nanoparticles in Complex Systems
Larner F, Dogra S, Fabrega J, Dybowska A, Amer A, Filby A, Bridgestock LJ, Rehkaemper M, Valsami-Jones E, Tyler CR & Galloway TS

(2012) A Mesocosm Study of Fate and Effects of CuO Nanoparticles on Endobenthic Species (Scrobicularia Plana, Nereis Diversicolor)
Buffet P-E, Richard M, Caupos F, Vergnoux A, Perrein-Ettajani H, Thomas-Guyon H, Luna-Acosta A, Amiard-Triquet C, Amiard J-C, Risso C, Guibbolini M, Reip P, Valsami-Jones E & Mouneyrac C

(2012) Tracing Nanoparticle Interactions within Living Systems and in the Environment: A Case for the Use of Stable Isotope Labeling
Valsami-Jones E, Dybowska A, Misra S, Berhanu D, Croteau M-N & Luoma S

(2012) A Stable Isotope Methodology to Trace Nanoparticles Fates in Biota
Croteau M-N, Dybowska A, Misra S, Luoma S & Valsami-Jones E

(2011) Atomic Force Microscopy Study of the Dissolution of a Calcite Surface in the Presence of Phosphate Ions
Klasa J, Ruiz-Agudo E, Putnis CV, Putnis A, Schofield P & Valsami-Jones E

(2011) Solubility and Toxicity of Hydroxylapatite (HAP) Nanoparticles (NPs): Implications for Nanobiomaterial Safety
Skartsila K, Misra S & Valsami-Jones E

(2010) Quantitative Assessment of the Bioavailability and Toxicity of Nanometal Particles in Aquatic Environments: New Methodologies
Luoma S, Croteau M-N, Dybowska A, Misra S, Guo T, Rainbow P & Valsami-Jones E

(2009) The Solubility and Reactivity of Silica Nanoparticles
Misra SK, Dybowska AD, Berhanu D, Boccaccini AR, Luoma SN, Plant JA & Valsami-Jones E

(2009) Synthesis, Reactivity Testing and Isotopic Labelling of ZnO Nanoparticles
Dybowska A, Berhanu D, Misra S, Croteau M-N, Luoma S & Valsami-Jones E

(2007) The Reactivity of Raw and Incinerated Mammalian Bone in the Presence of Aqueous Metals
Dybowska A, Valsami-Jones E & Manning D

(2005) Understanding Biomineralisation of Bone Apatite for Applications to Toxic Metal Remediation: Preliminary Results
Valsami-Jones E, Wilson J, Cressey G, Collins M, Manning D, Wess T, Younger P & Woodgate S

(2005) Nucleation and Growth of Nano-Apatite: Applications to Biomineralisation
Schofield P, Valsami-Jones E, Sneddon R, Wilson J, Kirk C, Terrill N, Martin C, Lammie D & Wess T

(2005) Minerals and Bacteria, Friends or Foes?
Hutchens E, Valsami-Jones E, McEldowney S & Oelkers E

(2004) New Experimental Insights on the Mechanisms of Bacterially Mediated K-Feldspar Dissolution
Hutchens E, Valsami-Jones E & McEldowney S

(2004) Controls on Calcium Phosphate Cluster Formation
Valsami-Jones E, Schofield P, Terrill N & Martin C

(2004) How do Microorganisms Enhance Mineral Dissolution Rates?
Oelkers E, Valsami-Jones E, Hutchens E & Harouiya N

(2004) Phosphate Dissolution and Precipitation Rates in Low Temperature Natural Processes
Harouiya N, Oelkers E & Valsami-Jones E

(2004) Kinetics of Cadmium Fixation onto Bone Meal Measured by Isotopic Dilution
Orueetxebarria M, Bailey E & Valsami-Jones E

(2003) The Influence of Heterotrophic Bacteria and Fungi on K-Feldspar Dissolution
Hutchens E, Valsami-Jones E & McEldowney S

(2003) Nucleation and Growth of Nano-Apatite: Insights into Bone Formation
Valsami-Jones E

(2003) Kinetics of Cadmium Fixation onto Bone Meal Measured by Isotopic Dilution
Orueetxebarria M, Bailey E & Valsami-Jones E

(2001) The Identification of Mixed-Metal Hydroxylapatites in Soils
Lanfranco AM, Schofield PF, Valsami-Jones E, Hodson ME & Murphy PJ

(2001) The Environmental Mineralogy of Calcium Phosphates
Valsami-Jones E & van der Houwen JAM

(2000) The Influence of Organic Acids on the Dissolution of Synthetic Hydroxyl-Apatite
Van der Houwen J & Valsami-Jones E

(2000) Apatite Reactivity in the Presence of Rare Earth Elements (REE) and Uranium
Valsami-Jones E, Fields M & Ragnarsdottir KV

(2000) Remediation of Heavily-Metal-Contaminated Soils by Bone Meal (Phosphate) Additions
Hodson M, Valsami-Jones E & Cotter-Howells J

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