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All abstracts by Hojatollah Vali in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Gold and Uraninite Formation by Immiscible Fluid Intermixing in the Witwatersrand, South Africa
Fuchs S, Schumann D, Williams-Jones A & Vali H

(2012) Oxalate-Promoted Formation of Saponite from a Silicate Gel at 60℃ and Ambient Pressure
Schumann D, Hartman H, Eberl DD, Sears SK, Hesse R & Vali H

(2010) Cyanobacterial Diversity and Activity in Modern Hot Spring Conical Stromatolites
Templer SP, Liang B, Vali H, Wu T-D, Guerquin-Kern J-L, Sim M-S & Bosak T

(2008) A HRTEM- and XRD-Based Characterization of Individual Packets and Layers of 2:1 Clay Minerals after Treatment with N-Alkylammonium
Schumann D, Hesse R, Sears SK & Vali H

(2007) An HRTEM and XRD Investigation of 2:1 Clay Mineral Diagenesis in the Jeanne d'Arc Basin, Offshore Eastern Canada
Schumann D, Hesse R, Sears SK & Vali H

(2006) Identification of magnetotactic bacteria and their fossils with ferromagnetic resonance
Kopp R, Nash C, Weiss B, Maloof A, Kobayashi A, Vali H & Kirschvink J

(2005) Moessbauer Spectroscopy of Extracellular Tabular Magnetite Formed during Microbial Iron Reduction
Li Y, Zhang CL, Vali H, Cole DR & Phelps TJ

(2002) Records of the Ancient Martian Magnetic Field and Climate in ALH84001
Weiss B, Vali H, Baudenbacher F, Shuster D, Stewart S & Kirschvink J

(2002) The Influence of Ionic Strength and Magnesium Ions on Calcite Crystal Growth Morphology
Chien Y-C, Mucci A, Paquette J & Vali H

(2001) Reductive Dissolution of Iron Oxides by a Sulfate Reducing Bacterium Desulfovibrio Desufurican G20
Li Y-L, Zhang C & Vali H

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