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All abstracts by Tomohiro Usui in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) A HIMU Signature beneath Mt. Oku, Cameroon Volcanic Line: Implications for Plume–Lithosphere Interaction
Asaah A, Yokoyama T, Aka F, Usui T, Kuritani T, Wirmvem M & Iwamori H

(2015) Sr Isotope Evidence for the Origin of Chondrules
Okui W, Yokoyama T & Usui T

(2015) Splashed Hadean Seawater Hypothesis
Genda H, Ueno Y, Foriel J, Usui T, Ueta S, Bao H & Sun T

(2015) Preliminary Report on Lead Isotopic Systematics of Martian Meteorite Zagami
Tobita M, Usui T, Niihara T, Misawa K & Yokoyama T

(2015) Lead Isotopes in Olivine-Phyric Shergottite Tissint: Implications for the Geochemical Evolution of the Shergottite Source Mantle
Moriwaki R, Usui T, Simon J, Jones J & Yokoyama T

(2015) Evidence from Hydrogen Isotopes in Meteorites for a Subsurface Hydrogen Reservoir on Mars
Usui T, Alexander C, Wang J, Simon J & Jones J

(2014) Evolution of Surface Water Reservoirs on Mars: Constraints from Hydrogen Isotopes in Martian Meteorites
Usui T, Kurokawa H & Sato M

(2012) Evidence from D/H and Volatile Abundances of Impact Melts for a Surficial Water Reservoir on Mars
Usui T, Alexander C, Wang J, Simon J & Jones J

(2011) Martian Magmatic Volatiles Recorded in Olivine-Bearing Melt Inclusions and Matrix of Shergottite Y-980459
Jones J, Usui T, Alexander CO, Wang J & Simon J

(2011) Experimental and Numerical Investigations of the Formation of Felsic Asteroidal Crust
Usui T, Jones J & Senshu H

(2008) REE Distributions in Shergottites RBT 04261 and 04262
Sanborn M, Wadhwa M, Usui T & McSween H

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