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All abstracts by Tetsuro Urabe in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2016) The Influence of U, Th Mobility in Hydrothermal Fluids on U-Th Radioactive Disequilibrium Dating of Sulphide Minerals
Nakai S, Takamasa A, Yoshizumi R, Urabe T, Fujiwara T, Toyoda S & Ishibashi J

(2012) Temporal and Depth Variation of Os Isotope Composition in Ferromanganese Crusts from the Takuyo Daigo Seamount (#5 Takuyo Smt), Northwestern Pacific Ocean
Tokumaru A, Nozaki T, Goto KT, Takaya Y, Suzuki K, Chang Q, Kato Y, Usui A & Urabe T

(2009) Distribution of Metabolically Active Microbial Communities in CO2-rich Marine Sediments
Yanagawa K, Sunamura M, Morono Y, Futagami T, DeBeer D, Urabe T, Boetius A & Inagaki F

(2006) Seafloor hydrothermal activity at off-axial seamounts of backarc spreading in southern Mariana Trough
Ishibashi J-I, Suzuki R, Yamanaka T, Toki T, Kimura H, Noguchi T & Urabe T

(2003) Microbial Community Under a Hydrothermal System Revealed by the Analysis of Water Samples Collected from Bored Holes
Yamagishi A, Kasai H, Hara K, Yamashiro K, Itahashi S & Urabe T

(2003) Hydrothermal Interaction with Volcaniclastic Sediment beneath the Suiyo Seamount Submarine Caldera, Izu-Bonin Arc
Ishibashi J, Yamanaka T, Marumo K & Urabe T

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