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All abstracts by Mitsuo Uematsu in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Investigation of Isotope Fractionation of Fe in Anthropogenic Aerosols to Determine its Contribution to the Surface Ocean
Kurisu M, Sakata K, Uematsu M & Takahashi Y

(2016) Triple Oxygen Isotope Compositions of Atmospheric Nitrate and Sulfate in the Pacific Ocean Boundary Layer
Kamezaki K, Hattori S, Furutani H, Miki Y, Iwamoto Y, Ishino S, Uematsu M & Yoshida N

(2016) Numerical Analysis of Nitrogen Deposition from Atmosphere on East Asian Oceans
Itahashi S, Hayami H, Uno I & Uematsu M

(2016) Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Inorganic Nitrogen Compounds in Marine Aerosol and their Deposition over the Pacific Ocean
Uematsu M, Narita Y & Sun SY

(2014) Solubility of Iron in Aerosol of Volcanic Origin with Iron Speciation Analysis
Miyahara A, Furutani H, Uematsu M & Takahashi Y

(2013) Air-Sea Fluxes of Dimethyl Sulfide and Acetone in the Subtropical and Equatorial Pacific Ocean
Tanimoto H, Omori Y, Inomata S, Iwata T, Kameyama S, Furuya K, Tsuda A & Uematsu M

(2011) Sensitive, High-Resolution Measurement of Volatile Organic Compounds Dissolved in Seawater Using Proton Transfer Reaction-Mass Spectrometry
Tanimoto H, Kameyama S, Inomata S, Tsunogai U, Ooki A, Yokouchi Y, Takeda S, Obata H, Tsuda A & Uematsu M

(2010) Chemical Association of Iron in Individual Atmospheric Particles during Asian Outflow Season
Furutani H, Jung J, Miura K, Takami A, Kato S, Kajii Y & Uematsu M

(2010) Distribution of Atmospheric Total Nitrogen and Total Phosphorus over the Western North Pacific and their Impact on Biogeochemical Cycles
Jung J, Furutani H & Uematsu M

(2003) Outflow of Anthropogenic Substances from the Asian Continent to the East China Sea Through Atmosphere
Nakamura T, Matsumoto K & Uematsu M

(2003) Atmospheric Transport of Natural and Anthropogenic Substances from East Asia over the NW Pacific
Uematsu M, Hattori H & Minakawa M

(2003) Temporal Variation of Atmospheric Trace Components over the Northwestern North Pacific during a Kosa Event
Sasakawa M, Ooki A, Ui T & Uematsu M

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