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All abstracts by Michael Turner in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) The Individuality of Ascent Paths in Small Volcanic Systems: Small Eruptive Centres Near Villarrica Volcano, Chile
McGee L, Morgado E, Handley H, Turner M, Lara LE, Brahm R & Parada MA

(2015) Magmatic Processes at Persistently Active Arc Volcanoes
Firth C, Turner S, Turner M, Cronin S & Handley H

(2015) Crystal/melt Partitioning of Volatile and Non-Volatile Elements during Peridotite Melting: Implications for Mantle Fractionation
Adam J, Turner M, Hauri E & Turner S

(2013) Recycling of Water between the Mantle and Crust/Hydrosphere
Turner M, Turner S, Ireland T & Adam J

(2013) Crystal/Melt Partitioning of Volatiles during the Near-Solidus Melting of Peridotite
Adam J, Turner M, Hauri E & Turner S

(2013) Extremely Young Melt Infiltration of the Continental Lithospheric Mantle
Turner S & Turner M

(2013) Mass Transfer of Fluids and Metals in the Deep Earth
Locmelis M, Fiorentini M, Rushmer T, Adam J, Zaccarini F, Garuti G, Turner M & Turner S

(2012) Origin of Silicic Magmas in the Primitive, Intra-Oceanic Tongan Arc
Rushmer T, Turner S, Caufield J, Turner M, Cronin S & Smith I

(2011) Evolution of Andesite Magma Systems; Egmont Volcano, New Zealand
Stewart RB, Zernack A, Turner M, Price R, Smith I & Cronin S

(2011) Direct Evidence for the Nature and Timing of Sub-Arc Mantle Metasomatism
Turner S, Caulfield J, Turner M, van Keken P, Maury R, Sandiford M & Proteau G

(2009) Influence of Sub-Volcanic Crust and Crust-Mantle Boundary on Magma Genesis, Egmont/Taranaki Volcano, New Zealand
Stewart R, Gruender K & Turner M

(2008) Variable Magmatic and Eruptive Cycles at Arc Volcanoes; Taranaki (New Zealand) and Lopevi (Vanuatu)
Stewart R, Turner M, Smith I & Cronin S

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