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All abstracts by Kyusei Tsuno in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) The Core-Mantle Partitioning of Nitrogen in Carbon-Undersaturated Ultramafic Systems
Grewal D, Hough T, Tsuno K & Dasgupta R

(2019) Control of Accretion and Early Differentiation Process on the Diversity of Volatile Inventory of Rocky Solar System Objects
Dasgupta R, Grewal DS & Tsuno K

(2018) Core-Mantle Fractionation of Carbon in Magma Oceans of Inner Solar System Bodies: The Role of Sulfur
Dasgupta R, Tsuno K & Grewal D

(2018) Fate of Nitrogen during Core-Mantle Separation
Grewal D, Dasgupta R, Costin G, Tsuno K, Li Y & Holmes A

(2017) Carbon Contents in Reduced Basalts at Graphite Saturation: Implications for the Degassing of Mars, Mercury, and the Moon
Li Y, Dasgupta R & Tsuno K

(2016) The Fate of Sulfur during Mantle Melting – Implications for the Mantle Sulfur Budget and the Mode of Deep Carbon Storage
Dasgupta R, Ding S & Tsuno K

(2013) Deep Subduction of Carbon and Sulfur Constrained by Laboratory Experiments
Dasgupta R, Duncan M, Jégo S & Tsuno K

(2011) Silicate Melting in the Earth’s Deep Upper Mantle Caused by C-O-H Volatiles
Dasgupta R, Tsuno K, Withers AC & Mallik A

(2011) Subduction Cycling of C-O-H Volatiles from Sediment Melting
Tsuno K, Dasgupta R, Danielson L & Righter K

(2010) Si and O in the Earth’s Core and their Effects on the Metal-Silicate Partitioning of Other Siderophile Elements
Frost D, Tsuno K, Rubie D & Nakajima Y

(2009) Chemistry of the Earth’s Core and Reactions at the Core-Mantle Boundary
Frost D, Rubie D & Tsuno K

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