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All abstracts by Tatsuki Tsujimori in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Inclusions of (Mg, Fe)SiO3 in Superdeep Diamonds – Former Bridgmanite?
Zedgenizov D, Kagi H, Ohtani E, Tsujimori T & Komatsu K

(2018) Rapid Subsolidus Reaction Under the Presence of Trace H2O Inferred from Jadeite Replacement with Spodumene
Takahashi N, Nakatani T, Tsujimori T & Nakamura M

(2018) In situ Lithium Isotope Geochemistry for a Veined Jadeitite from the New Idria Serpentinite Body, California: New Insights for Slab-Derived Fluid
Takahashi N, Tsujimori T, Chang Q & Kimura J-I

(2018) In situ Sr-Pb Isotope Geochemistry of Lawsonite: A New Method to Investigate Slab Fluid
Hara T, Tsujimori T, Chang Q & Kimura J-I

(2016) 1.96 Ga Kyanite-Epidote Eclogites with 605 Ma Granulite-Facies Overgrowth in the Ubendian Belt, Tanzania
Boniface N & Tsujimori T

(2016) Major- and Trace-Element Zoning in Cr-Pyropes with Spinel Inclusions from the Internatsionalnaya Kimberlite Pipe, Siberian Craton
Rezvukhin D, Malkovets V, Sharygin I, Ota T, Tsujimori T & Nakamura E

(2016) Ar-Ar Dating of K-Richterite from the Bab'e Leto (An-134) Kimberlite Pipe, East Ukukit Field, Siberian Craton
Malkovets V, Yudin D, Rezvukhin D, Gibsher A, Tretiakova I & Tsujimori T

(2016) U-Pb Dating of Zircons from Paleozoic Lamprophyric Dykes of Western Sangilen (CAOB)
Gibsher A, Malkovets V, Tretiakova I, Belousova E, Rudnev S, Gibsher A, Tsujimori T & Shelepaev R

(2015) Petrological Records of Paleoproterozoic and Neoproterozoic Subduction-Zone Metamorphism in Tanzania
Boniface N & Tsujimori T

(2010) In situ Geochemistry of Garnet Peridotites of Lashaine, Tanzania Craton: Re-fertilization in Sub-Cratonic Lithospheric Mantle
Basu Sarbadhikari A, Tsujimori T, Moriguti T, Kunihiro T & Nakamura E

(2007) Large-Scale Fluid Flow in a Cold Subduction-Zone: SIMS Li-Isotope Study of Jadeitite Veins in Franciscan Metagraywacke
Tsujimori T, Moriguti T, Kunihiro T, Kobayashi K & Nakamura E

(2007) Jadeitite, Lawsonite Eclogite, and Related Rocks, Guatemala: Fluid-Rock Histories from a Cold Subduction Zone
Sorensen S, Sisson V, Harlow G, Avé Lallemant H & Tsujimori T

(2003) The Effect of Sulfate Sulfur on the Structure of Na2O-SiO2 Glasses: A 29Si MAS NMR, Raman and FT-Ir Study
Tsujimura T, Xue X, Walter M, Yamashita S & Kanzaki M

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