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All abstracts by Taku Tsuchiya in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Hf and W Partitioning between Liquid Metal and Silicate Melt Based on First Principle Calculation and the Early Earth's Evolution of 182W Isotope
Suzuki K & Tsuchiya T

(2021) Hf and W Fractionation between Liquid Metal and Liquid Silicate and Resultant Core-Mantle Interaction Signature on the 182W Isotope of the Ethiopian Basalts
Suzuki K, Takamasa A, Tsuchiya T, Fukami Y, Orihashi Y & Shinjo R

(2016) First Principles Investigation of the Elasticity of Ice VIII and Ice x
Tsuchiya J & Tsuchiya T

(2016) Ab Initio Prediction of Potassium Partitioning into the Earth’s Core
Xiong Z, Tsuchiya T & Taniuchi T

(2016) Thermal Conductivity of Lower Mantle Minerals from ab Initio Anharmonic Lattice Dynamics
Dekura H & Tsuchiya T

(2016) High-P, T Elasticity of Iron and Some Alloys
Tsuchiya T, Kuwayama Y, Kawai K & Ishii M

(2016) The Equation of State of Liquid Pure Fe and Fe-Light Elements Alloys by ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Simulations to Confine the Outer Core Composition
Ichikawa H, Tsuchiya T & Ohsumi M

(2015) First Principles Investigation of High Pressure Phase of AlOOH and FeOOH
Tsuchiya J, Tsuchiya T & Nishi M

(2013) The Ultra-High Pressure Phase Diagrams of SiO2 and MgSiO3
Guyot F, Benuzzi Mounaix A, Mazevet S & Tsuchiya T

(2013) Supercontinent Cycle and 2nd Continents
Kawai K, Ichikawa H, Yamamoto S, Tsuchiya T & Maruyama S

(2011) Multimegabar Phase Relations of Major Earth and Planetary Materials
Tsuchiya T, Dekura H, Metsue A & Kuwayama Y

(2011) Continental Materials Around the Bottom of the Mantle Transition Zone
Kawai K, Yamamoto S, Ichikawa H, Tsuchiya T & Maruyama S

(2011) Ab Initio Study on Lattice Thermal Conductivity of Minerals
Dekura H, Tsuchiya T & Tsuchiya J

(2009) First-Principles Investigations on the Elastic and Vibrational Properties of Hydrous Wadsleyite Under Pressure
Tsuchiya J & Tsuchiya T

(2009) First-Principles Exploration of Crystal Structures of Pure Iron and Iron-Silicon Alloy at Earth’s Inner Core Pressures
Ishikawa T, Tsuchiya J & Tsuchiya T

(2009) Ab Initio Assessment of High-P, T Thermodynamics in Multi-Component Mineral Systems: Application to Postperovskite Phase Equilibria in the MgSiO3–Al2O3 System
Tsuchiya T & Tsuchiya J

(2005) MgSiO<->3<$> Post-Perovskite at D' Conditions
Tsuchiya T, Tsuchiya J & Wentzcovitch R

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