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All abstracts by Michael B. Baker in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Experimental Use of Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions to Explore the Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Fe and S Redox Equilibria in Silicate Melts
Saper L, Baker MB, Hughes EC, Brounce M & Stolper E

(2018) Mn, Ni and the Roles of Pyroxenite and Peridotite in the Mantle Sources of Oceanic Basalts
Matzen A, Wood B, Baker M & Stolper E

(2014) The Effect of Liquid Composition on Ni Partitioning: Ni in Olivine as an Indicator of Melting Depth
Matzen A, Baker M, Beckett J, Stolper E & Wood B

(2014) Sc and P in Haplo-Komatiitic Olivines: Spatial Covariation and Partitioning
Hofmann AE, Baker MB, Beckett JR & Stolper EM

(2013) The Petrochemistry of Jake_M: A Martian Mugearite
Stolper EM, Baker MB, Cousin A, Fisk M, Gellert R, King PL, Maurice S, McLennan SM, Minitti ME, Newcombe M, Sautter V, Schmidt ME, Treiman AH & Wiens RC

(2012) Ni Partitioning between Olivine and High-Mgo Silicate Melts: Implications for Ni Contents of Forsteritic Phenocrysts in Basalts
Matzen A, Baker M, Beckett J & Stolper E

(2009) Implication of the Nephelinite-Alkali Basalt Transition on Alkaline Lavas Petrogenesis
Pilet S, Baker MB & Stolper EM

(2009) The Temperature and Pressure Dependence of Ni Partitioning between Olivine and MgO-Rich Silicate Melt
Matzen A, Baker M, Beckett J & Stolper E

(2009) High-Pressure Phase Equilibria of K-Rich Silicate Liquids: Implications for Near-Solidus Peridotite Melts
Baker M & Stolper E

(2009) Partial Melting of Heterogeneous Sources: Implications for the Petrogenesis of Alkaline Magmas
Stolper E, Pilet S & Baker M

(2009) Sub-Micron Scale Ti Variations in Zircons of Known Provenance
Hofmann AE, Baker MB & Eiler JM

(2008) P, Cr, and Al Zonation in Komatiitic Olivine
Hofmann AE, Beckett JR, Baker MB & Stolper EM

(2008) Predicting Solidus Temperatures and Modes of Mantle Peridotites
Baker M, Lesher C & Stolper E

(2008) Can Alkaline Basalts Form by High Degrees of Melting of Metasomatic Veins?
Pilet S, Baker MB & Stolper EM

(2007) Experimental Constraints on the Origin of Alkaline Basalt: Evidence for a Metasomatized Lithospheric Source
Pilet S, Baker MB & Stolper EM

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