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All abstracts by Martyn Tranter in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Mineralogical Controls on Subglacial Abrasion Products and their Role in Sustaining Subglacial Microbial Ecosystems
Gill-Olivas B, Telling J, Skidmore M & Tranter M

(2021) A Ferrous Wheel beneath the Antarctic Ice Sheet
Hawkings J, Skidmore M, Priscu J, Shoenfelt Troein E, Davis C, Christner B, Kim O-S, Sieber M, Conway T, Gardner C, Vick-Majors T, Michaud A, Tranter M, Benning LG & Spencer R

(2020) Aerosols and Albedo: Links between Airborne Particulate Matter and Melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet
McCutcheon J, McQuaid JB, Williamson C, Cook J, Tedstone A, Lutz S, Rigby R, Mayanna S, Tranter M & Benning LG

(2019) Phosphorus, not the Limitation it was Thought to be?
Holland A, Berk-Pinto B, Larose C, Vogel T, Layton R, Tranter M & Anesio A

(2019) Crushing of Real and Model Subglacial Sediments as a Source of Microbial Nutrients and Energy
Gill Olivas B, Telling J, O'Doherty S, Skidmore M, Christner B, Priscu J & Tranter M

(2019) Dining on Dust? Examining the Link between Mineral Dust and Microbial Life in Supraglacial Habitats
McCutcheon J, Williamson C, Cook J, Tedstone A, Lutz S, Wilson S, Stockdale A, Holland A, McQuaid J, Tranter M & Benning LG

(2019) Phototransformation of Dissolved Organic Carbon on the Greenland Ice Sheet
Nicholes M, Williamson C, Tranter M, Yallop M, Holland A & Anesio A

(2018) Microbe-Mineral Interactions on the Greenland Ice Sheet: Implications for Albedo and Melting
McCutcheon J, Lutz S, Williamson C, Cook J, Tedstone A, Stockdale A, Vanderstraeten A, Bonneville S, McQuaid JB, Tranter M & Benning LG

(2017) The Geochemistry of Surface Ice on the Greenland Ice Sheet and its Effect on the Primary Production of Microbes
Holland A, Williamson C, Sgouridis F, Tranter M & Anesio A

(2017) The Great Melting: The Unstoppable Contest between Snow Physics, Soot, Mineral Dust and Microbes
Benning LG, McCutcheon J, Lutz S, McQuaid J, Tranter M & Bloom BA

(2016) Modelling Microbial Processes during Soil Formation in a High-Arctic Glacier Forefield
Bradley J, Anesio A, Arndt S, Sabacka M, Barker G, Benning L, Blacker J, Singarayer J, Tranter M & Yallop M

(2016) Are high-Arctic Glacial Forefields CO2 Sinks or Sources?
Blacker J, Bottrell S, Anesio A, Šabacká M, Barker G, Bradley J, Tranter M & Benning L

(2015) Glaciers as a Missing Source of Silicon to the World's Oceans
Hawkings J, Wadham J, Tranter M, Benning LG, Tedstone A, Nienow P & Hendry K

(2014) Microbial Succession from Ice to Vegetated Soils in Response to Glacial Retreat in the Arctic
Anesio A, Wright K, Blacker J, Bradley J, Barker G, Yallop M, Tranter M & Benning LG

(2013) Chemical Weathering in Glacial and Proglacial Environments
Tranter M

(2009) Deep Water Production in the GIN Seas: The Nd Record from Feni Drift
Crocket K, Gutjahr M, Foster G, Richards D, Vance D & Tranter M

(2008) The Marine Pb Isotope Response to Ice Sheet Growth and Decay
Crocket KC, Foster GL, Richards DA, Vance D, Tranter M & Wadham JL

(2008) Microbially Driven Chemical Weathering in Glaciated Systems
Skidmore M, Montross S, Tranter M, Kivimaki A-L & Parkes J

(2008) Iron Nanoparticulates in Icebergs: A Source of Bioavailable Iron
Raiswell R, Benning LG, Davidson L, Tranter M & Tulaczyk S

(2006) Geomicrobiology of an Antarctic subglacial brine: a plausible Martian ecosystem
Mikucki J, Priscu J, Lyons WB, Welch K, Tranter M & Pearson A

(2000) Subglacial Microbiology and Chemical Weathering
Skidmore M, Foght J, Sharp M, Parkes J & Tranter M

(2000) Chemical Weathering Rates and Solute Fluxes from Catchments of the Greenland Ice Sheet
Skidmore M, Tranter M, Grust K & Jones I

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