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All abstracts by John A. Tossell in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2012) H2CO3 and its Anions and Oligomers: Updates on Experimental and Theoretical Studies
Tossell J

(2011) Equilibrium Isotope Fractionation Calculation Beyond Harmonic Level
Liu Y, Liu Q & Tossell J

(2010) A Theoretical Framework for Understanding the Capture and Sequestration of Atmospheric CO2 by Weak Bases Like Water, Ammonia and Amines
Tossell J

(2010) Boron Speciation and Isotope Systematics in Seawater, Biological and Inorganic Carbonates
Klochko K, Kim S-T, Foster GL, Cody G, Tossell JA, Farquhar J & Kaufman AJ

(2008) H2CO3(s): A New Candidate for CO2 Capture and Sequestration
Tossell J

(2008) Unique Redox Behaviors Induced by Polysulfide and Sulfide; Arsenic the Latest Example
Helz G & Tossell J

(2008) Re-evaluating Boron Speciation in Biogenic Calcite and Aragonite Using 11B MAS NMR
Klochko K, Cody G, Tossell JA, Dera P & Kaufman AJ

(2007) Calculating the Stability, Raman and UV Spectra and Acidity of As Sulfides in Aqueous Solution
Tossell J, Zimmermann M & Helz G

(2005) Calculating the Partitioning of the Isotopes of Mo between Oxidic Anmd Sulfidic Species in Aqueous Solution
Tossell J

(2005) O Triclusters Revisited: Classical MD and Quantum Cluster Results for Glasses of Composition (Al<->2<$>O<->3<$>)2(SiO<->2<$>)
Tossell J & Horbach J

(2002) Perturbing the Tridecameric AlO4Al12(OH)24(H2O)127+ Polycation: Effects of Substitution, Deprotonation, Dehydration and Adsorption of Arsenites and Arsenates
Tossell JA

(2002) Calculation of the Energetics for the Oxidation of Sb(III) Sulfides by Elemental S and Polysulfides in Aqueous Solution
Tossell JA

(2001) Calculation of the UV Absorption Spectra of Arsenites and Thioarsenites
Tossell JA

(2001) Calculation of the Structural and NMR Properties of the Tridecameric AlO4Al12(OH)24(H2O)127+ Polycation
Tossell JA

(2001) Do Hypervalent Silicate Complexes Exist in Aqueous Solution?
Sahai N & Tossell JA

(2000) Calculating the Acidity of Silanol Groups on Silicate Oligomers and Silicate Surfaces
Tossell J & Sahai N

(2000) Theoretical Studies on Synergistic Interactions between Transition Metals and Heavy Metalloids
Tossell J

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