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All abstracts by Jan Toporski in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2009) In situ Analysis of the Molecular Organic and Elemental Composition of a 3.33 Ga Microbial Mat from Barberton
Westall F, Lemelle L, Simionovici A, Salomé M, Marrocchi Y, Foucher F, Cavalazzi B, Meibom A, Robert F, Moustafaoui S, Jauss A, Toporski J, Laclean L, Southam G, Susan W, Vilette S, Jamme F & Dumas P

(2009) TOF-SIMS Imaging Mass Spectrometry of Microbial Systems
Thiel V, Heim C, Hode T, Lausmaa J, Leefmann T, Siljeström S, Sjövall P & Toporski J

(2007) Detection of Biomarkers in Oils Using TOF-SIMS
Siljeström S, Hode T, Lausmaa J, Toporski J, Thiel V & Sjövall P

(2004) Life in a Mars Analog: Microbial Activity Associated with Carbonate Cemented Lava Breccias from NW Spitsbergen
Amundsen H, Steele A, Fogel M, Mysen B, Kihle J, Schweizer M, Toporski J & Treiman A

(2004) Astrobiotechnology
Steele A, Toporski J, Maule J, Hall J, Fries M & Schelble R

(2004) Understanding Microbial Preservation and the Relevance for Life Detection
Toporski J, Steele A, Maule J, Hall J, Schelble R & Ostertag-Henning C

(2003) A Novel Portable Simulated Rover Platform (SimRP) for Astrobiology Exploration Rover Development
Fries M, Hall J, Toporski J, Hedgecock J, Bar-Cohen Y & Steele A

(2003) The Potential of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology in the Search for Extraterrestrial Life
Toporski J & Steele A

(2003) The Search for Viruses Through the Fossil Record
Hall J, Toporski J & Steele A

(2003) Astrobiotechnology
Steele A & Toporski J

(2002) Bacterial Silicification – An Experimental Approach
Toporski J, Steele A, Westall F, Thomas-Keptra K & McKay DS

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