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All abstracts by Dominique J. Tobler in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Formation Mechanism of SiO2-protein Composites Unravelled by in situ Fast SAXS at 20 fps
Stawski TM, van den Heuvel DB, Besselink R, Tobler DJ & Benning LG

(2018) Effects of Isomorphic Substitution on Hexavalent Chromium Reduction by Green Rust
Thomas A, Eiche E, Benning LG, Freeman H, Didereksen K, Tobler D & Neumann T

(2018) Fate and Role of Arsenic during Green Rust Formation via Reductive Dissolution of Ferrihydrite
Perez JPH, Tobler DJ, Freeman HM, Dideriksen K, Ceccato M & Benning LG

(2016) Porosity and Fracture Sealing in Rock with Bacterial Calcite Precipitation: From Lab to Field Trials
Phoenix V, Tobler D, Cuthbert M, Riley M & Handley-Sidhu S

(2016) The Role of Anion (Cl-, SO42- and CO32-) Ratio and Concentration on Reformation of Calcined Hydrotalcite
Eiby SHJ, Nedel S, Tobler DJ, Bischoff A, Christiansen BC, Hansen AS, Kjaergaard HG & Stipp SLS

(2015) Biomolecule Control on CaCO3 Mineralisation
Tobler D, Rodriguez-Blanco JD, Dideriksen K, Bovet N, Sand KK & Stipp SLS

(2015) Marine Mycomineralization: The Role of Fungi in Coral Mineralization
Wei-Scullion Z, van de Locht R, Young P, Allison N, Sørensen HO, Tobler D, Blanc R & Kröger R

(2015) A Microkinetic Model of Calcite Growth
Andersson MP, Dobberschütz S, Krarup Sand K, Tobler DJ & Stipp SLS

(2014) Effect of Citric Acid on Amorphous Calcium Carbonate (ACC) Structure, Stability and Crystallisation
Tobler DJ, Rodriguez Blanco JD, Dideriksen K, Sand KK, Benning LG & Stipp SLS

(2014) The Effect of Sr2+ on the Structure, Stability and Crystallisation of Amorphous CaCO3
Rodriguez-Blanco JD, Tobler DJ, Dideriksen K, Benning LG, Sand KK & Stipp SLS

(2013) Protein-Silica Interactions: The Effect of Lysozyme on the Structure of Amorphous Silica
Meier DB, Tobler DJ, Peacock CL & Benning LG

(2013) The Role of pH and Simple Organic Molecules in Amorphous Calcium Carbonate (ACC) Structure
Tobler DJ, Sand KK, Dideriksen K, Rodriguez-Blanco JD, Sørensen HO & Stipp SLS

(2013) Calcite Step Growth Velocities; A Function of Saturation Index and the Ca2+ to CO32- Activity Ratio
Sand KK, Tobler DJ, Larsen KK, Makovicky E & Stipp SLS

(2012) Microbial Transport Through Rock and its Importance for Microbially-Induced Mineral Precipitation
Tobler D, Lakshmanan S & Phoenix V

(2012) Microbial Biomineralization as a Technique for Grouting Fine Aperture Rock Fractures
El Mountassir G, Tobler DJ, Lunn RJ, Moir H & Phoenix VR

(2012) Nanoparticle Remediation Through Porous Media
Skuce R, Tobler D, Lee M & Phoenix V

(2011) Nanoparticle Bioremediation: Application of Solid Phase Capture
Skuce R, Tobler D, Lee M & Phoenix V

(2011) Plugging of Porous Media and Rock Fractures Using Ureolysis-Driven Calcite Precipitation
Tobler D & Phoenix V

(2010) The Potential of Groundwater Microbial Communities to Induce Calcite Precipitation
Tobler DJ & Phoenix VR

(2010) Sulfur-Oxidizing Biofilms in Terrestrial Subsurface Hot Springs
Schaperdoth I, Jones D, Tobler D & Macalady J

(2009) Signatures of Life in Ice (SLIce): An Analog Study for in situ Detection of Biosignatures Elsewhere
Tobler DJ, Benning LG, Fogel ML, Glamoclija M, Kerr L, Steele A, Amundsen HEF & Eigenbrode JL

(2008) Kinetics and Mechanisms of Silica Nanoparticle Formation
Tobler DJ, Benning LG & Shaw S

(2007) How to Cool a Supersaturated Solution and 'Watch' in Real-Time the Nucleation and Growth of Silica Nanoparticles?
Tobler D, Benning L & Shaw S

(2006) Nucleation and growth of silica nanoparticles: An in-situ SAXS and DLS study
Tobler DJ, Benning LB & Shaw S

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